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What He Wore: John

Meet John. Fiancé, better half and all-round good egg. You may know that John is chief photographer here at Polkadot Pink. Come rain or shine, it’s John who meticulously captures each and every one of my outfit shots, patiently but with gritted teeth; neither of us understanding the other’s point of view. Thankfully, over time, capturing the shots has grown easier   So in the spirit of Valentine’s day, we felt a twist was in order. On this day of love, we decided to simply swap places for an outfit post with a difference. John in front of the camera, myself behind the lens.



Outfit Details
// Coat :: Fjallraven //
// Mountaineer shirt :: ASOS //
// Jeans :: H&M //
// Desert shoes :: Clarks Originals //
// Watch :: Bradley by Eone //
Here’s what he said,
“One of the most important aspects of any outfit is a watch. I have always been a sucker for a well-designed watch. The Bradley watch by Eone is a tactile watch designed for the partially sighted. I first lusted after it when I saw it on kickstarter. Since receiving it as a Christmas present last year, it’s been the base of many outfits. 
Buying jeans that fit isn’t just difficult for women. It’s a bit of a chore for men too, but jeans from H&M seem to do the trick. For many years I wore Levi engineered jeans but to my annoyance my favourite design and fit was discontinued. It’s definitely not about the price, the fit is unrivalled.
This Fjallraven coat is an absolute dream. Warm, Stylish and comfortable. This is the first warm jacket I have owned in years. Fjallraven has evolved into a hipster brand, but the functionality matches it’s hipster title.”
Let’s just say, after shooting the pictures for this post, I have a new found appreciation for the skill of taking outfit shots. No longer will the immortal words of, ‘How hard can it be?’ be uttered. Nor will I be offering to swap roles again soon, but it was fun…just for the day.

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