Put On Your Red Shoes and Dance The Blues (#8)


Well, that was a longer than expected blogging break but, as they say, a change is as good as a rest and I’m back feeling rested, happy and excited about regular blogging once again. Working 60+ hours a week, mixed with a whirlwind of difficult decisions, just hasn’t left time for writing and like I always say, teaching has to come first. Whilst I’m glad to be on the other side, it’s not something I’m ready to share just yet- give it time. I mightn’t have been typing, but I’ve been mixing with other bloggers at events and snapping lots of pictures of my thrifts and adventures over on Instagram.

Of course, I’ve been thrifting (as if you doubted that) just not as much. The 100 day high street ban has well and truly ended yet I haven’t been tempted onto the high street since- apart from one ill-fated returned ASOS purchase using a gift card from the mustard girls (yep, still got it). During the 100 days, I bought so many items of clothing from charity shops. So many, I have a backlog of items waiting to be styled and worn. Am I ready to rush to the high street? No, not yet. Am I wanting to rush to the charity shops? Not yet, either. Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts on the end of the spending ban, oh and the beautiful pastel dress I bought to end it with.
In the meantime, I’m sharing with you my thrifted Jessica Simpson red heels. Did I mention they were brand new? Now, as you know, good quality shoes are difficult to find in charity shops, almost mythical. Charlotte, from Charity Shop Gold, recently blogged about this issue even though she was lucky enough to find not one, not two, but three pairs of thrifted shoes. We’re in luck though, she shares her tips for finding good quality shoes here. These heels cost a mere £2. £2! (In the interest of good karma, I donated my good quality heels, Nine West and Miss Selfridge, to the same shop in the hope that someone else felt as excited about finding shoes as I did!)


You might have seen some of these snaps before if you’re a People Tree fan. More than a few weeks ago, they invited me to take part in issue 6 of their Eco edit as part of their ‘Bloggers do Spring’ feature. Naturally, as a fan of People Tree, I didn’t hesitate to say, ‘Yes, please!’ (Last summer, I reviewed their Zandra Rhodes ‘Stars, Cubes and Waves’ dress and back in February, I featured their Orla Kiely ‘wallflower dress’.) Along with another Orla Kiely dress, I chose to ask for their Billie striped tunic dress (it’s really a dress!) and the Vanessa jersey skirt. Breton for spring, I know, how original but my wardrobe was lacking and I knew it’d be a good investment. You can see how the feature turned out by clicking here
Outfit Details
// Breton stripe dress :: c/o People Tree //
// Midi skirt :: c/o People Tree //
// Red heels :: Jessica Simpson (Cats Protection) //
// Camera Bag :: Accessorize //
// Necklace :: H&M //
Over the past few days, I’ve been living in midi skirts. It’s been so warm in London! Well, it seems that the north didn’t get the memo because today, I’m back in boyfriend jeans and my trusty Seasalt yellow jacket. Rain, rain and the drudgery of the big shop. Whilst it’s always good to go away, it’s lovely to be back at home with endless cups of tea and tales to tell. 

Have you ever thrifted a great pair of shoes?

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