It’s fair to say, I’m very particular about my slice of the Internet. So when it comes to handing over the reigns for a guest post, well quite rightly, I’m fussy. Recently, I stumbled across Jess’ blog, Foreign Room, quite by accident whilst looking at Lindy Bop dresses on Instagram. I was so bowled over with her love of prints and colour that I had to get in touch and invite her to share one of her outfit posts with us! Without further a do, take it away Jess! guest-1

Hello UK friends! It is really nice to be here and connecting with new people from all over! Today I am here to share with you an outfit that I recently put together. I think that I would describe my style as girly, fun, and maybe a bit romantic. I love a good swing skirt or dress, novelty prints, and things that are vintage inspired. I also like my outfits to have a level of comfort to them, while also feeling put together and not like I have just thrown my sweats on! For me, a dress is the perfect go-to when I am in doubt of what to wear.

I’ve had this particular dress for two years now, but if you can believe it, this is only the third time I’ve worn it! It is one of those dresses that has been sandwiched in between my other dresses and that I have just passed by so many times when searching for something to wear. Now that I have it on again, though, I’m disappointed that I have let it sit for so long, unloved! It is pretty comfortable and can easily be styled casually for everyday wear. Plus, it is a lovely print!


Something else that I definitely love are bags. I have so many bags and purses, it is almost ridiculous. But, I love it that way and don’t mind one bit! I recently snagged this minty beauty at Kate Spade during a sale. It is such a great color and is the perfect size to just take the essentials along with me.


While I do live in California, we haven’t really had very warm summer temps here in San Francisco yet, so for me a cardigan is a must have item for most outfits! Aside from keeping me warm, I think cardigans add a nice touch of detail and color to any outfit. Also, as you may have noticed, mint is one of my very favorites 🙂 It is just such a fun color!guest-6guest-7
My love for this dress has been renewed and I will definitely be getting more use out of it in the future! While I don’t mind dressing in layers too much, I am hoping that the weather will warm up so I will be able to pull out some of my other favorite dresses and do more summery things in my free time 🙂


Well, there you have it! It was so nice to be a guest blogger here and I hope to see some of you over at my blog, Foreign Room, where I write about style, adventure, and life in CA with my boyfriend & dog! Big thanks to Donna for being such a kind host 🙂

Anytime Jess! It’s been a pleasure! xx


Many years ago, I bought and read Nina Garcia’s, ‘The Little Black Book of Style’ on the back of reading an extract in a magazine, or a Sunday newspaper. I can’t remember but the book always stayed with me, not in a ‘it changed my life’ way (it didn’t) but it did make me think. Despite the beautiful fashion illustrations and snippets of style advice featured in the book, it was the conviction that the key to personal style was not linked to disposable income that resonated within me.

Since leaving the teaching profession (if you missed it, I posted about it here), I’ve been working a 9-5 job in Central Manchester. I’m completing a short internship in social media, which as you can imagine, is great fun and allows me to unleash my creative side. The pay is low but the experience is invaluable, best of all it’s so good to be able to switch off my computer (and brain) at 5pm! 

As you’ll know, I’ve been selling clothes over on my Instagram page, _PolkadotPinkSells_. Being naive, I planned to reinvest the money into new clothes, however its looking like the only investment I’ll be making will be on the bills! During my selling spree, Char, who is undertaking a year’s spending ban, spotted a few of my quirkier items she liked. And so, we decided to swap! 

This G21 floral patterned strapless sundress is just one of the dresses Char sent me in my bundle. Clearly, I was drawn to the vibrant colours in the pattern- if there’s one thing I’ve learnt about my style is that I adore colour, and the seventies feel of the print. Moons ago I saw Marisa Noelle, of The Shades of Monet Chronicles (if you’re not following, you soon will be), layer a sundress with a simple t-shirt. She totally rocked it. Now, you know how much I love finding thrifty ways to make new outfits, so I’d been meaning to try this with my own spin…

The irony is, when I went to find recover the long, lost pin, I read Marisa Noelle’s blog post again and realised that she had also swapped her way to a new sundress too! 

In all my colour-loving excitement, I switched up the fabric belt and made it into a headscarf. Maybe, just maybe, it’s a little too bright? I just can’t resist twee! 

// Sundress :: Swapped with Char originally G21 at Asda // Collared blouse :: H&M // Rose-buttoned cardigan :: Primark // Clogs :: Torpatoffeln via EBay // Yellow satchel :: Cambridge Satchel Company // Floral ring :: Layla Amber //

So ladies and gentlemen, a whole new outfit for the price of postage. What do you think?



There was once a time I dressed only for polka dots, florals and cute prints, but then something changed. I turned 30. Suddenly, I began to seek out a new style; practical pieces, feminine colours, classic styling- a more mature approach! It was during this soul searching that Wallis got in touch to ask if I’d like to try their Style Adviser. 

The Wallis Style Adviser carefully selects items tailored for you based on a wide range of questions. You’re asked questions based on colours, body shape and personality to create your personalized style profile. For example, you’re asked to select the tone that best matches the colour of your skin, you’re asked the colours that you enjoy wearing and the sizing you’d normally select across the high street. 

I’ve always considered Wallis a brand for the over 30s, it’s a pre-conception that stems from my mother’s shopping habits combined with the fact that I never shopped there in my twenties. Nevertheless, seeking holy grail, I decided to give it a go. Whether you’re looking to add a piece to your wardrobe, or looking for an entirely new look, it offers to recommend products which will be the perfect fit and match for you. So, what did it choose for me? First of all, there were many items selected for me; some that I thought ‘no way!’ and some that I found interesting. The first outfit the adviser selected was a floral dress, teamed with black accessories. 

Remember, I was seeking a style overhaul so a floral dress wasn’t a huge depart from the norm. That’s when I decided to be brave, clicked dislike and chose a different look entirely. A look that included trousers and a pink biker jacket! Here’s what it chose and how it turned out for me:

Outfit Details
// Tile Print Cigarette Trousers :: c/o Wallis //
// Pink biker jacket :: c/o Wallis //
// Handbag :: c/o Wallis //
// Scallop collar blouse :: Charity Shop (originally Marks and Spencers) //
// Black stilettos :: Matalan //
// Sunglasses :: Orla Kiely //

Fit: I have to confess, I’m impressed with the fit of the trousers; they have just enough elasticity in them to accommodate my thighs and hips! But my, they’re so long in the leg- I’ve had to turn them up! The irony is, these also come in petite but were not recommended by the style adviser. The biker jacket is a similar story. Fitted but too long in the arm. Thankfully, the bag is one size fits all!
Style: Not for me. Whilst I’m glad of the opportunity to try something new, I’ll be making a swift return to cute patterns and dresses! The look is fashionable, classic and definitely more mature, but I didn’t feel myself…not one little bit. Although, I will definitely use the bag again!
Value: All items were in the sale and came in under £100. Each piece is a classic and would match a whole variety of things. Whilst I won’t be wearing the items as one outfit again, I will be reworking the pieces adding colour and cute prints. Naturally.

What do you think? 
Have you ever needed a little style refresher?
As always, much love,

*Post produced in collaboration with Wallis*



When I happened to catch a cryptic tweet seeking Manchester bloggers for a hush hush event, my interest was caught in a place between curiosity and intrigue. Turns out I wasn’t alone. Arriving at the ThinkMoney event at Pizza Express on South King Street a few Sundays ago, I was pleased to find a whole bunch of familiar blogger faces and a spectacular table laid out for our arrival. 

After introductions were made over a glass of Prosecco, we donned our plastic pinnies, washed out manicured hands and prepared to make pizza. Master chef, Eric, showed us the stages to pizza perfection whilst we eagerly tried to copy each step. Amid some sniggering, we discovered tossing, spreading and rimming are just some steps to making a perfect pizza. 
Adding our toppings, we placed our pizzas in the rack and prepared for pizza heaven. With my cooking skills requiring improvement, I have to admit I wasn’t hopeful but was soon to be pleasantly surprised. Next, came the team challenge of making a calzone. Aptly named, ‘The Winners’ we proved that teamwork and an eye for detail really does win the race. With the pizzas cooking, it was lovely to get to know Georgina, Emma, Laura, Sally and Charlotte, as well as ThinkMoney’s PR girls, Bryony and Hana. 

To think that this was the first event that Bryony and Hana from ThinkMoney have organised is quite unbelievable. From the moment we entered, the girls had thought of everything. With Hana taking control of photography, it was a welcome relief to sit back and simply enjoy networking with an amazing bunch of bloggers. 
If pizza, calzone, cupcakes and crackin’ company wasn’t enough, we were all equally shocked and delighted to be gifted with an amazing goody bag. Featuring brands such as Nail HQ, Babor (use code BLOGGER25 for a 25% discount), Tropic, Vatika Naturals, Nourish, NSPA, Heaven Skincare and Jelly Belly UK we were well and truly spoiled. 
A huge thanks to Bryony and Hana for thinking of everything and making this a blog event to remember!
As always, much love,


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