When I happened to catch a cryptic tweet seeking Manchester bloggers for a hush hush event, my interest was caught in a place between curiosity and intrigue. Turns out I wasn’t alone. Arriving at the ThinkMoney event at Pizza Express on South King Street a few Sundays ago, I was pleased to find a whole bunch of familiar blogger faces and a spectacular table laid out for our arrival. 

After introductions were made over a glass of Prosecco, we donned our plastic pinnies, washed out manicured hands and prepared to make pizza. Master chef, Eric, showed us the stages to pizza perfection whilst we eagerly tried to copy each step. Amid some sniggering, we discovered tossing, spreading and rimming are just some steps to making a perfect pizza. 
Adding our toppings, we placed our pizzas in the rack and prepared for pizza heaven. With my cooking skills requiring improvement, I have to admit I wasn’t hopeful but was soon to be pleasantly surprised. Next, came the team challenge of making a calzone. Aptly named, ‘The Winners’ we proved that teamwork and an eye for detail really does win the race. With the pizzas cooking, it was lovely to get to know Georgina, Emma, Laura, Sally and Charlotte, as well as ThinkMoney’s PR girls, Bryony and Hana. 

To think that this was the first event that Bryony and Hana from ThinkMoney have organised is quite unbelievable. From the moment we entered, the girls had thought of everything. With Hana taking control of photography, it was a welcome relief to sit back and simply enjoy networking with an amazing bunch of bloggers. 
If pizza, calzone, cupcakes and crackin’ company wasn’t enough, we were all equally shocked and delighted to be gifted with an amazing goody bag. Featuring brands such as Nail HQ, Babor (use code BLOGGER25 for a 25% discount), Tropic, Vatika Naturals, Nourish, NSPA, Heaven Skincare and Jelly Belly UK we were well and truly spoiled. 
A huge thanks to Bryony and Hana for thinking of everything and making this a blog event to remember!
As always, much love,


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