There was once a time I dressed only for polka dots, florals and cute prints, but then something changed. I turned 30. Suddenly, I began to seek out a new style; practical pieces, feminine colours, classic styling- a more mature approach! It was during this soul searching that Wallis got in touch to ask if I’d like to try their Style Adviser. 

The Wallis Style Adviser carefully selects items tailored for you based on a wide range of questions. You’re asked questions based on colours, body shape and personality to create your personalized style profile. For example, you’re asked to select the tone that best matches the colour of your skin, you’re asked the colours that you enjoy wearing and the sizing you’d normally select across the high street. 

I’ve always considered Wallis a brand for the over 30s, it’s a pre-conception that stems from my mother’s shopping habits combined with the fact that I never shopped there in my twenties. Nevertheless, seeking holy grail, I decided to give it a go. Whether you’re looking to add a piece to your wardrobe, or looking for an entirely new look, it offers to recommend products which will be the perfect fit and match for you. So, what did it choose for me? First of all, there were many items selected for me; some that I thought ‘no way!’ and some that I found interesting. The first outfit the adviser selected was a floral dress, teamed with black accessories. 

Remember, I was seeking a style overhaul so a floral dress wasn’t a huge depart from the norm. That’s when I decided to be brave, clicked dislike and chose a different look entirely. A look that included trousers and a pink biker jacket! Here’s what it chose and how it turned out for me:

Outfit Details
// Tile Print Cigarette Trousers :: c/o Wallis //
// Pink biker jacket :: c/o Wallis //
// Handbag :: c/o Wallis //
// Scallop collar blouse :: Charity Shop (originally Marks and Spencers) //
// Black stilettos :: Matalan //
// Sunglasses :: Orla Kiely //

Fit: I have to confess, I’m impressed with the fit of the trousers; they have just enough elasticity in them to accommodate my thighs and hips! But my, they’re so long in the leg- I’ve had to turn them up! The irony is, these also come in petite but were not recommended by the style adviser. The biker jacket is a similar story. Fitted but too long in the arm. Thankfully, the bag is one size fits all!
Style: Not for me. Whilst I’m glad of the opportunity to try something new, I’ll be making a swift return to cute patterns and dresses! The look is fashionable, classic and definitely more mature, but I didn’t feel myself…not one little bit. Although, I will definitely use the bag again!
Value: All items were in the sale and came in under £100. Each piece is a classic and would match a whole variety of things. Whilst I won’t be wearing the items as one outfit again, I will be reworking the pieces adding colour and cute prints. Naturally.

What do you think? 
Have you ever needed a little style refresher?
As always, much love,

*Post produced in collaboration with Wallis*

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