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Many years ago, I bought and read Nina Garcia’s, ‘The Little Black Book of Style’ on the back of reading an extract in a magazine, or a Sunday newspaper. I can’t remember but the book always stayed with me, not in a ‘it changed my life’ way (it didn’t) but it did make me think. Despite the beautiful fashion illustrations and snippets of style advice featured in the book, it was the conviction that the key to personal style was not linked to disposable income that resonated within me.

Since leaving the teaching profession (if you missed it, I posted about it here), I’ve been working a 9-5 job in Central Manchester. I’m completing a short internship in social media, which as you can imagine, is great fun and allows me to unleash my creative side. The pay is low but the experience is invaluable, best of all it’s so good to be able to switch off my computer (and brain) at 5pm! 

As you’ll know, I’ve been selling clothes over on my Instagram page, _PolkadotPinkSells_. Being naive, I planned to reinvest the money into new clothes, however its looking like the only investment I’ll be making will be on the bills! During my selling spree, Char, who is undertaking a year’s spending ban, spotted a few of my quirkier items she liked. And so, we decided to swap! 

This G21 floral patterned strapless sundress is just one of the dresses Char sent me in my bundle. Clearly, I was drawn to the vibrant colours in the pattern- if there’s one thing I’ve learnt about my style is that I adore colour, and the seventies feel of the print. Moons ago I saw Marisa Noelle, of The Shades of Monet Chronicles (if you’re not following, you soon will be), layer a sundress with a simple t-shirt. She totally rocked it. Now, you know how much I love finding thrifty ways to make new outfits, so I’d been meaning to try this with my own spin…

The irony is, when I went to find recover the long, lost pin, I read Marisa Noelle’s blog post again and realised that she had also swapped her way to a new sundress too! 

In all my colour-loving excitement, I switched up the fabric belt and made it into a headscarf. Maybe, just maybe, it’s a little too bright? I just can’t resist twee! 

// Sundress :: Swapped with Char originally G21 at Asda // Collared blouse :: H&M // Rose-buttoned cardigan :: Primark // Clogs :: Torpatoffeln via EBay // Yellow satchel :: Cambridge Satchel Company // Floral ring :: Layla Amber //

So ladies and gentlemen, a whole new outfit for the price of postage. What do you think?

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