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Who could have imagined that a 9-5 office job would kick start my creative enthusiasm for blogging? I absolutely adore having my life back in the evenings, especially with the light nights, who wouldn’t? With these 9-5 hours comes time to do what I enjoy: blog, meet friends for tea, read, paint my nails, join in with Twitter chats- you name it! If anything, it’s my life that keeps me from blogging as much as I’d like these days! 

Today, I’m sharing an outfit post featuring a brand I adore (I never use that word lightly, it’s far too twee- even for me), but it’s true. It takes a lot for a brand to capture, firstly, my interest and lastly, my high expectations for quality. For me, clothes have to offer real value for money- please don’t read cheap here. Price tags are irrelevant, I’m not interested if something costs £200 or £2. I’ve had expensive clothes shrink with the first wash and inexpensive clothes that have lasted for years. I define quality by price per wear.  With that said, I’m happy to share with you one of my favourite brands for value, People Tree!
I’m a long time fan, it’s been well over a year since I bought my first People Tree dress and I’ve acquired many pieces since. They are my go-to dress, they wash so well and are perfect for so many occasions. So, when I heard about People Tree’s Super Summer Sale, naturally I wanted to share it with you. People Tree hold a sale twice a year to generate funds for new orders for new seasons and there’s some real gems to find! (Trust me, I’ve scoured the sale!)

When People Tree got in touch, I didn’t want paying (this isn’t a sponsored post) nor did I want commission, so I requested a piece from their sale. Orla Kiely, in sale? Oh, hello! You saw my wallflower dress here, now my collection is complete with this Orla Kiely Birdwatch dress! If you’ve been eyeing up a sale item, you can take an extra 10% off with the code DOTSALE10. 
Last weekend, John and I fancied a drive out in the sun. Originally, we planned to go to Southport but after sitting in the Ormskirk traffic (for what felt like an hour), we decided to park up and explore my old university stomping ground. Ormskirk has changed so much since I was a student at Edge Hill, one of the better improvements is the abundance of charity shops. We spent a few hours simply mooching, it was my idea of heaven. Although I didn’t buy anything (buy less, spend less, remember), I can’t wait to return in August for a sassy thrifty blogger meet up with Charlotte, Rachelle and Jenni. 


// Orla Kiely Birdwatch Dress :: c/o People Tree //
// Peter Pan collared blouse :: H&M (old) //
// Necklace :: H&M (old) //
// Sunglasses :: Orla Kiely for Boots Optician //
// Satchel :: Brit Stitch //
On the way home, we put the roof down on the car and took the scenic route. We were rewarded with fields of giant daisies (I’m sure there’s an official name for these, but for now, we’ll call them daisies). Throwing abandon to hayfever, we pulled over and walked among the daisies before trying to capture some outfit shots!
Are you a fan of People Tree? 
Will you be shopping in the sale?
(Remember, Polkadot Pink readers can bag an extra 10% discount with code DOTSALE10)
As always, much love,
Donna x
*As mentioned, People Tree sent me an item of my choice in return for a blog post to advertise their Super Summer Sale. When I received the email, I’d already downloaded the app and scoured the sale so naturally, I was happy to share!*
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