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Last Thursday, the movers and shakers of Manchester’s press gathered for the launch party of InFamous Diner; the new all-American diner in the Northern Quarter.

With cheerleaders welcoming guests, an Elvis impersonator to make the girls scream (a huh-huh!) and a performance from girl band, The Northernettes, guests were also treated to an evening of free cocktails and an array of devilishly tasty American canapés.

Earlier in the day, a 300 burger giveaway began their rise to their namesake’s notoriety, as eager customers queued around the block for a free lunch. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to experience both the burger giveaway and the launch party.


Arriving just after 6pm, a vintage Chevrolet and New York style taxi sat parked outside awaiting a whole host of guests whilst a backdrop of cheerleaders made the experience truly authentic. Entering through their pink door, classic hits from the 50s boomed out of their traditional jukebox to transport us back to another time; a time we wished we were alive to experience.


InFamous Diner claim to offer service with a smile and they certainly didn’t disappoint as a selection of canapés from their menu were offered to us. As I had to be up at 3am to catch my flight to Ireland, I kept things strictly non-alcoholic and was rewarded for my sensible behaviour. Considering I don’t like milk, nor cream, I was smitten with the ‘Million Dollar Milkshake’ which came with lashings of Nutella and chunks of shortbread. Delicious!


Of course, no guest that evening could ignore the amazing 50s dresses that flooded the diner. Keeping it local, the diner’s waitresses and head office staff wore Lindy Bop dresses complete with petticoats. Naturally, we also wore Lindy Bop and the diner was awash with 50s dresses.


Giddy with our sugar-induced high, we enjoyed a performance by The Northernettes before Elvis entered the building to girls screaming with excitement, mostly from our table if I’m honest. Taking us through Elvis’ back catalogue and throwing in some classic moves for our delight, we enjoyed soaking up the atmosphere before the Coronation Street stars arrived.

Full up on shakes and giddiness from a night spent giggling, it was time to catch the last train home before journeying to Ireland the next day.


Want to visit InFamous Diner? You’ll find it located at 3-5 Basil Chambers, Nicholas Croft, Manchester. I’d love to know your thoughts! 

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