It’s fair to say, July wasn’t my thriftiest month. A full month of working 9-5, Monday to Friday, mixed with busy weekends, meant that I barely stepped foot in a charity shop. A thrifty bloggers meet up rectified my monthly quota for August, but prepare yourself… in July, I bought mainly on the high street. 

As you know, I’m joining Elise and Janet with their Buyer’s Archive series to track what I buy in an attempt to reflect on purchases made. This month, the archive has served as an extra layer of guilt… my total is a whoppin’ £117.98! Compared to last month’s £64.16, it’s quite a jump considering that I’ve bought less! Thankfully, August is shaping up to be much thriftier, thank God!

First up, Orla. I’ve never made a secret of my love for the Irish designer, but it’s definitely turning in to an obsession. I promise, I only go into Home Sense to gain inspiration but somehow, Orla keeps poppin’ up and I’m futile to resist her charms. She’s a cruel mistress to my beaten debit card. When I saw this bright orange, petal design bedding for £39.99, I was won over by how well it would match my dark wood bedroom furniture. Plus, the thought of Sunday mornings snuggled in pure cotton. Heavenly.

And then, the Clarks summer sale happened. And then, they added an additional 10% to their sale. Meaning the bright coral shoes I had spent the entire summer mooning over were reduced to £48. I’m saving them until autumn to wear with my bargain, 50p ebay buy: the polka dot MinkPink dress. 

You can see my point now? I mean, how could I resist? Could you? 

Even though I haven’t managed to visit many charity shops, the one near work can be awesome for high-end finds. You remember I found the Coco Fennell dress and the ModCloth cat jumper in there during June? This time, I found a vintage dress for £10 and a pair of &OtherStories leather boots that look like they’ve only been worn once! I found them online here, for the price of 125 Euros! I paid £9.99 and clutched them tightly to my heart all the way home on the train. 

Those sleeves! That tie! That fabric! Smitten. 

Last not but least, my biggest regret. A pair of lavender court shoes I panic bought for a wedding in Ireland. My outfit was planned well in advance, I didn’t need shoes but then I suddenly thought, ‘It’s a wedding, my shoes must be high heeled!’ So, I bought these shoes in the New Look sale for a tenner

Still unworn. Still unloved. Maybe next summer?

With so few days left until August’s end, I can breathe a sigh of relief and say that August’s total is going to be a lot less! Phew! 

What have you been buying this month? 


I still find it hard to believe that I’m closer to being 31, than 30. Whilst I’d certainly jump at the chance to go back to my early twenties, even just for a day, those extra years have taught me some key lessons. This time last year, I was writing about how I was seeking a savvier, sleeker style for my 30s. It took me some time, but the lesson I learned? Age is irrelevant, dress for your body shape and style.

Recently, I was challenged by McCarthy & Stone to wear a bright, colourful outfit to show how age is a state of mind. According to their Colour Report, 79% of older people surveyed said they feel younger than their true age. This is something I can definitely relate to! At thirty and three quarters (those quarters count!), I still wear bright colours, bold patterns and I adore anything with a faint hint of novelty. (In my head, I’m 21 and my real date of birth is just a nasty rumour.)

I love a fashion challenge: the opportunity for me to wear something a little different and push the boundaries of my comfort zone. So, I chose orange knowing that it isn’t a colour that agrees with me. Not only an orange dress, but one that fits below the knee. No easy feat for a petite. 


This is one of Lindy Bop’s iconic Audrey dresses, with an added gingham spin. It’s a classic 50s style and I absolutely love it. This is one of their reworked Audrey dresses and now has pockets, win! I like a dress with secret compartments. I can’t help but like this dress, despite its colour. Believe or not, I’ve actually wore fake tan to counteract my paleness!

// Outfit Details //
// Gingham dress :: Lindy Bop //
// Camera bag :: Accessorize //
// Clogs :: Torpatoffeln //
// Necklace :: Vintage //
I wore this outfit for the #TMsummerBBQ meet up at Old Trafford’s fabulous Hotel Football. Like most attendees, I kept up to date with the discussions on Twitter, which were mostly centered around what to wear considering our changeable weather! It was then that I firmly vowed to squeeze every last drop of summer out of my summer wardrobe. Sure, I’m incredibly excited for autumn (the thought of leaves crunching underfoot and a slight chill in the air gives me goosebumps, quite literally!) but there’s plenty of time for tights and boots. (However, that’s not stopped me from shopping for autumn, I bought my winter boots in July…a girl can start early right?) Will I return to orange? Most definitely. 
Do you think age is a state of mind? 
Would you change your style to suit your age?
*This post was written in collaboration with McCarthy & Stone. Opinions my own.*


If you’re located in the north of England, like myself, chances are you’ve been dodging the rain all week too. Don’t ask me why, but I feel cheated by this weather; this isn’t the warmer climate we’re promised during the month of August! I should be out enjoying summer, yet I’m using it as an excuse to stay indoors. 

Working in an office, I certainly don’t get as much exercise as I used to do when I worked in the classroom; the hot and mithered workout does wonders for your waistline! But recently, I’ve noticed just how much I need to kick start my old exercise routine. For vanity and health. As a keen swimmer, both in childhood and now adulthood, it’s the only exercise I’ve tried that I actually enjoy. But, I’m not doing it as much as I should be right now!

There are so many benefits of swimming. First and foremost, it’s a cardio activity that’s gentle on your body. As there’s no ground to hit when swimming, it protects the joints from impact. For fellow asthmatics, being able to self-regulate the speed is thought to lessen the chances of an asthma attack. On yet another upside, you needn’t rely on the weather to get your workout. If it’s too hot, swimming offers break from the summer heat. If it’s raining, you’re getting wet anyway. If you need further persuasion, the pool near me plays The Beach Boys if you’re in with the early birds.

You can see I’m trying to convince you as much as I’m trying to convince myself. So in a bid to tempt you to join me, here are my top tips for taking up swimming:
1. Leave your body hang ups at the door
Ain’t nobody got time for that. I’ve seen the hashtag, we’re all body confident women on social media but getting your kit off in the local pool is quite another thing entirely and it takes a braver lady than me not to be intimidated by this, at all. One thing is for sure, everyone is a different shape and size, but you wouldn’t be analysing somebody else’s body whilst you swim. You’re there for a swim, right? Wrap yourself in your towel and ditch it just before you climb in. 
2. Make life easier for yourself, go on hair washing day
If you’re someone who washes their hair every day then you can disregard this tip and skip straight to option 2. However, I have waist length hair which requires beating with the straighteners after each and every wash. Needless to say, my hair gets washed every other day. Invest in a shampoo and conditioner which combats the effects of chlorine and wash your hair after you get out of the pool. 
3. Go straight from work
Don’t even think about going home. No, not even for a quick bite to eat. Pack yourself a healthy snack before heading to the pool, then enjoy your tea safe in the knowledge that your metabolism is working overtime after you completed thirty lengths. You’ll even be back back in time for Coronation Street, what more could you ask for? 
4. Take flip flops. Seriously.
The amount of times people have said to me, ‘Aren’t you worried about getting verrucas?’ is unreal. First of all, no I wasn’t worried… but now, I am. You know that feeling when someone plants the seed in your mind? Ugh. If you’re worried, take a pair of flip flops and slip them off just before you get in. Voila, problem solved. 

5. Go alone. In and out.
Picture this, two ladies chose to get fit by going swimming together. They swam ten lengths and realised it was time to get out. They gained nothing, why? Too busy talkin’! You totally knew that was me, right? If I’m alone, I have only myself to blame. Thirty lengths in thirty minutes, that’s always my aim. 
I understand for the runners, gym goers and those less lazy than I, these tips may not be beneficial. But please, oh please, let there be someone out there who takes these on board and says, you know what? I’m gonna go swimming! If swimming isn’t for you, financial giants, Legal and General have produced this handy article to help you stay fit, no matter the weather. Let me know how you get on!

What exercise do you do? 
What are your top tips?
*This post was written in collaboration with Legal and General. They kindly compensated me for sharing my tips!*




It’s National Afternoon Tea Week! Yes, a full week dedicated to scrumptious bite-size treats and delicious teas. A British tradition so good, they needed more than a day to celebrate it. With this in mind, I thought I’d share with you my experience of Afternoon Tea at Opus One restaurant, Radisson Blu Edwardian, Manchester.






Sometimes, a dress comes along so perfect that it sends your heart aflutter until you’ve calculated the ways and means to make it yours. This is what happened to me with the Lindy Bop Claudine dress.

Was I in the market for a brand new dress? Certainly not. Considering June’s dresses were sourced from charity shops, car boots and swaps, this vintage reproduction shirt dress was a bolt from the blue. To be honest, I never intended to share this dress on the blog because to me, it’s an everyday dress akin to a denim lover’s trusted jeans, but walking home through Burnley one afternoon in the summer sunshine, I realised that I’d fallen hard for this dress and needed to share it. So, we stopped in the street and snapped it, right there, right then. 
With its nipped in waist and flared swing skirt, the Claudine dress has become my summer go to dress. It skims over my hips, revealing my curves but remains comfortable and flattering at the same time. As it’s made from a heavy-weight cotton, it’s sturdy enough to resist a strong gust of wind but cool enough for a British summer. At the moment, Lindy Bop are offering 20% off and Claudine is £23.99! She’s so cheap but feels so expensive!
Outfit Details
// Claudine Dress :: Lindy Bop //
// Clogs :: Lotta from Stockholm //
// Satchel :: Nica (via charity shop) //
// Watch :: Olivia Burton //
This is probably the simplest outfit post I’ve ever featured on Polkadot Pink, it’s very much a casual, easy outfit that is typical of what I wear when the heat starts to soar. Forgive me, I don’t have my usual face of make up on nor have the straightest hair, but this is very much a real account of what I wore for an afternoon of shopping in Manchester. Not just a dress for summer, I’ve already hatched plans to wear this with tights, a cute pair of shoes and a cardigan for autumn. 
Is it just me looking for transitional pieces right now?
What do you think of Claudine?