Lindy Bop Matilda Dress

It was the event we’ve been eagerly anticipating for weeks. The Great British Bake Off you say? Yes, that too, but today was the day of the blogger bake off at the Wilmslow Cookery School.

Travelling from all over the north west, around 30 bloggers gathered in the picturesque setting to take part in the ‘Intro to Baking Class’, hosted by master chef, Sarah. Of course, no baking event would be complete without wearing a 50’s style dress so I donned the Lindy Bop Matilda dress ready for a day of baking!

Great British Blogger Bake Off
Wilmslow Cookery School

First up, we were shown how to make meringues, my favourite. Now, I should probably mention here that I’ve never attempted to make meringues (nor the chocolate tart or swiss roll that were to come for that matter), so it should come as no surprise that I hadn’t used a Kenwood kitchen mixer either. With handy tips from Sarah and a helping hand from experienced baker, Katie from Life on Vista, our meringues were sitting pretty complete with pink stripes.

Meringues in to bake, next up swiss roll! What I liked was that each part of the process was demonstrated to us, so no one was left behind…even a novice like me. Thankfully, our table had a chef on hand to help all of us through every stage, although he did spend a lot of time answering our calls of, ‘Erm, Bryan?’ 
Lindy Bop Matilda Dress
Nevertheless, I was able to create a swiss roll. An edible one! And, I certainly was not alone. We were allowed ‘chef’s tasters’ and demolished our off-cuts in one tasty go! A picture says a thousand words, most definitely! Yum!
You’re impressed, right? This isn’t mine, of course not! This amazing swiss roll belongs to Rachel, of Vintage Folly. Pretty! 
Sadly, Katie and I’s luck was not to last and our chocolate tart turned out as one huge, epic failure. We’d sprouted a leak and treated the inside of their hot oven to our beautiful ganache! Thankfully, Bryan took pity on us and gave us the chef’s sample! 

Throughout the event, I had my camera and phone in my hand and was eagerly chatting away both to the fabulous bloggers on our table and on social media.
If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter you might have noticed my tweets and Instagram shots from the  Great British Blogger Bake Off event (I haven’t featured the same images here, so you’ll just have to go see!). That’s because, the best tweet or Instagram picture was in the running to win a K-Mix Kitchen Machine! Guess what? Can you believe my tweet won? 

Guess I’m going to have start baking now? Especially when they’ve included a hand whisk in the goody bag too! It’s definitely inspired me! Enter girly squeal here!

One of the best parts of any blogging event has to be being able to chat with other bloggers. I finally got meet Frock Swappin’ lovely, Ally from Digital Diva and caught up with the bloomin’ gorgeous Rachel from Vintage Folly once more. Style twinning? 

I got so many compliments on my polka dot dress I think it’s only fair to introduce you to  the Lindy Bop Matilda dress (you can find it here) There’s now 20% off, meaning you can snaffle her up for £23.99!

Lindy Bop Matilda Dress

I’ll leave you with a few more snapshots of the day…
Whilst I may be no Mary Berry, yet, it was an absolutely fabulous day, thanks to the organisation of the Joe Blogs network and the patient staff at Wilmslow Cookery School. Check out their website or give them a follow on Twitter @wkcooeryschool. Thanks to Currys for an amazing event, if you want to see their version, just click here!

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