It’s fair to say, July wasn’t my thriftiest month. A full month of working 9-5, Monday to Friday, mixed with busy weekends, meant that I barely stepped foot in a charity shop. A thrifty bloggers meet up rectified my monthly quota for August, but prepare yourself… in July, I bought mainly on the high street. 

As you know, I’m joining Elise and Janet with their Buyer’s Archive series to track what I buy in an attempt to reflect on purchases made. This month, the archive has served as an extra layer of guilt… my total is a whoppin’ £117.98! Compared to last month’s £64.16, it’s quite a jump considering that I’ve bought less! Thankfully, August is shaping up to be much thriftier, thank God!

First up, Orla. I’ve never made a secret of my love for the Irish designer, but it’s definitely turning in to an obsession. I promise, I only go into Home Sense to gain inspiration but somehow, Orla keeps poppin’ up and I’m futile to resist her charms. She’s a cruel mistress to my beaten debit card. When I saw this bright orange, petal design bedding for £39.99, I was won over by how well it would match my dark wood bedroom furniture. Plus, the thought of Sunday mornings snuggled in pure cotton. Heavenly.

And then, the Clarks summer sale happened. And then, they added an additional 10% to their sale. Meaning the bright coral shoes I had spent the entire summer mooning over were reduced to £48. I’m saving them until autumn to wear with my bargain, 50p ebay buy: the polka dot MinkPink dress. 

You can see my point now? I mean, how could I resist? Could you? 

Even though I haven’t managed to visit many charity shops, the one near work can be awesome for high-end finds. You remember I found the Coco Fennell dress and the ModCloth cat jumper in there during June? This time, I found a vintage dress for £10 and a pair of &OtherStories leather boots that look like they’ve only been worn once! I found them online here, for the price of 125 Euros! I paid £9.99 and clutched them tightly to my heart all the way home on the train. 

Those sleeves! That tie! That fabric! Smitten. 

Last not but least, my biggest regret. A pair of lavender court shoes I panic bought for a wedding in Ireland. My outfit was planned well in advance, I didn’t need shoes but then I suddenly thought, ‘It’s a wedding, my shoes must be high heeled!’ So, I bought these shoes in the New Look sale for a tenner

Still unworn. Still unloved. Maybe next summer?

With so few days left until August’s end, I can breathe a sigh of relief and say that August’s total is going to be a lot less! Phew! 

What have you been buying this month? 

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