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Irish Wedding: Last of the Summer Dresses

Usually, I’m not a fan of summer. There, I said it (like it was a dirty secret). It feels as though you’re expected to love summer, but fair skin and an unshakeable dislike of heat have me counting down the days until the first of September. You see, I’m far more comfortable wrapped up in tights and I adore an autumnal colour palette. However, this year is different. This year, I’ve enjoyed each and every day of our very British summer. 

Irish Wedding: Last of the Summer Dresses

The change between August and September has always felt more significant to me than the changing of a new year. I’m going to account it to the secret teacher inside of me, my body clock is still in tune with the school year, but the thought of turning the heating on makes me feel genuinely sad! So, before I rediscover my love of autumn, I’m sharing what’s likely to be my last summer outfit post. 

Not so long ago, John and I were invited to an Irish wedding. Located a short drive outside of Belfast, the wedding location was nothing short of stunning. Surrounded by beautiful, green luscious surroundings, it wasn’t hard to see why the happy couple chose Brookhalls for their perfect barn wedding. 
Naturally, when I receive an invite to a wedding, the first thing that races through my mind is, what on earth am I going to wear? Let’s face it, it’s not like I have a bursting wardrobe (okay, maybe I have, but…) Add into the mix that John was the best man and I panicked! Now, I’m no drama queen and I hate to be centre stage, but I’d foolishly started to panic about what I was going to wear: spending hours perusing Monsoon, ASOS, you name it. 
Over time, I’ve gradually come to accept that I’m never going to be the golden glamazon at a wedding, oozing charm and sophistication. You know the type of girl, perfectly styled hair, make up contoured to perfection, wears a maxi dress with heels, looks beautiful. I’m five foot 1, pale even with fake tan and have hair that likes to choose its own style. Sophistication was never going to happen for me, but quirky, well quirky could definitely work. 
Back in April, I marked the end of the 100 day spending ban in style by purchasing a quirky, unique, one-of-a-kind handmade dress from Abi Jackson at Renegade Craft Fair. I knew right then that it was the perfect dress for me, and most importantly for my style. So, why did I spend the remaining months seeking out something entirely not me? 
Outfit Details
// Swimmers dress :: Abi Smith //
// Petticoat :: Lindy Bop //
// Shoes :: ASOS //
// Cardigan :: Charity shop (originally Red Herring) //
// Champagne clutch :: New Look //
Due to the fine cotton and absence of lining, I borrowed and added a petticoat underneath to give the dress a little extra shape and also to spare my blushes! Having never worn a petticoat before, I panicked at the sheer size of it! Was it in bad taste to wear a dress this big at a wedding? Snapping these pictures and sending them to my best friend, Katie, minutes before leaving, she told me what I already knew…I was being ridiculous! 
Like I said, I worried incessantly and I needn’t have. It was the best wedding I’ve ever been to and both families were so welcoming! Did I mention it was a bring your own beer affair and they had Guinness on tap. Let’s just say, I helped myself to more than a couple of pints! You can take the girl out of St Helens, but…

Ah, summer, you’ve been a blast! Same again next year? Only next year, I think I can take you a little hotter! Bring it on! 

Surely, I’m not alone in my wedding guest outfit jitters?


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