If you follow me on Instagram, you might have spotted small parcels wrapped in monochrome stripes, multi-coloured chevrons and tied together with pink, velvet ribbon. The effort taken to wrap these presents can mean one thing and one thing only, it’s my mum’s birthday. 

Each year, it gets progressively harder to impress my mum: she’s not ungrateful but has a specific taste (you know, the kind of taste that makes it impossible to know what to buy? Yeah, that.) Last year, I got it all wrong, choosing gifts that just didn’t work and I was left with a disappointed mum on her birthday. This year, Blossoming Gifts got in touch and helped me to get it so, so right. They offered to send my mum a bouquet of fresh flowers, of my choice, from their summer range. Here’s what I chose:
The ‘Summer Meadow’ bouquet features blue veronica, delicate lilac eustoma with avalanche roses and daisy like tanacetum single vegmo. In layman’s terms, that’s flowers that emulate the look of wildflowers, but wildflowers in a colour palette of your choosing. Now, I’m no florist, but I can confirm there are also roses included. 
I’ve never purchased flowers by post before and it’s likely, had I not received this bouquet for free, I would have continued to live a life unaware of what’s on offer. The bouquet comes packaged in a cardboard box, once opened it reveal tightly packaged flowers that need to be gently unpicked. Once complete, they’re make a strikingly beautiful display and not one that can be rivaled by supermarket flowers. 

The retail price of the Summer Meadow bouquet is £34.99, which is more than I would usually be willing to pay for fresh flowers. However, my mum was delighted by the surprise and novelty of receiving flowers by post and even more so when she noticed they came with a small box of chocolates included. A happy mother on her birthday? Well, that’s priceless!
If you’re strapped for cash, or buying flowers in addition to a wrapped present, then you’re in luck: there’s a cheap flowers section with bouquets costing under £20, delivered and some even include free chocolate. What’s more, most flowers are eligible for a 33% discount! Just enter the code at the checkout! That’s more like it! 
What do you think of the ‘Summer Meadow’ bouquet? 
And, is your mum hard to buy for too? 
(Please tell me it’s not just me!)
*Thanks to Blossoming Gifts for sending this bouquet free of charge and helping my title as the ‘golden child’ to remain sparkly*

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