When George at Asda got in touch with a fashion challenge involving dresses, I didn’t hesitate to get involved. As you know, pretty dresses are the foundations of Polkadot Pink. As part of their Georgeous dresses campaign, they challenged me to choose just one dress and show how versatile it could be. Easy, I thought. Until, on arrival, I realised that my chosen dress was bodycon…

I mean, bodycon, what’s that again? Oh, an adjective: to describe a very tight-fitting style of clothing. A quick Google search did nothing to alleviate my fears (check out The Mirror’s delightful article, ’10 women, 10 awful outfits, three reasons why bodycon dresses are OVAH!’ With a title like that, I should be fearful! I mean who over the age of 19 uses the word OVAH? And, in print too?) So, back to being body confident! 
Having confidence in my body is something that I’ve always struggled with. I’ve never worn tight-fitting clothing in my life, EVAH (sorry, slipped that one in for lolz) and the mere thought of tight-fitting around the hips strikes fear into my heart. THAT SAID, I’d handed myself a lifeline when I ordered this George dress, a size up from my usual dress size, in a 12. THANK GOD I DID! 
…I mean, come on, even the model is hiding her midriff in the product listing shot! However, with the help of shapewear (hallelujah!) I happily wore the first stretchy, tight-fitting dress of my life! In almost 31 years, that’s no mean feat! 
Back to the brief, one dress, versatility! I chose monochrome, because for me, it’s a style basic that never goes out of fashion and let’s face it, you can put black and white with anything and it’s a match. So, I chose to adopt a summer feel first. Wearing those lilac heels I panic bought in the New Look sale for the Irish Wedding (and swore I’d never wear), with my beloved River Island grab bag and YOSA neon necklace. 
// Look One //
// Monochrome Stripe Dress :: c/o George at Asda //
// Neon necklace :: c/o Rachel the Hat at Yosa //
// Lavender grab bag :: River Island (old) //
// Lilac heels :: New Look //

If you remember, this is the necklace that Rachel gifted me quite some time ago. I’d been saving it for the perfect monochrome stripe and I had a mini Eureka moment before slinging it round my neck and adding my beloved pleather jacket! 

LOOK 2! Day time casual. Now, I can’t ignore the fact that autumn is about to thrust itself upon me in the most unwelcome way. Ooer. With the seasonal change in mind, I also chose another staple piece. The mac. Weighing in at £25, this raincoat will see me through those days when I need a practical coat to run a million* errands. 

// Look Two (all c/o George at Asda) //

*Mightn’t be a million errands, but certainly feels like it some days. 

One of my style basics is mixing a neutral palette with bright pops of colour. I posted a picture of this bag on my Instagram on Monday and received so many comments! For £4, it’s such a bright and cheerful burst of colour to any outfit. 
So, there we have it. Two very different looks, for two very different seasons and occasions, but weighing in at a virtual spend of £51 for the key items. 
Which is your favourite look? 
*Post produced in collaboration with George at Asda, just incase you missed it*

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