The comfort zone: that wonderful feeling of confidence, security and general well-being. Oh, it’s a splendid place! It takes a while for me to feel truly comfortable; I may fake it by plastering on a smile, or tackling things head on, but inside the shy, coy girl I once was, is screaming to be a wallflower again. So, when I was asked to host a fashion workshop and co-present a catwalk show, you can imagine how much this was out of my comfort zone, right?

Totally and completely. To think, a few years ago I’d have been too shy to seek help from a shop assistant. So, when I received the offer to host two fashion events at a local shopping centre, I fired a very quick email back in response politely declining the work as I believed they’d emailed me in error. I wasn’t a fashion expert, nor a stylist!  However, when I received a reply saying they were seeking bloggers with an interest in fashion and the ability to present, I started to think about it more.
You see, my internship had reached its natural conclusion and with supply teaching rumored to be quiet in September, completing this work would mean I’d have an income that month. I simply couldn’t say no to paid work. In the weeks leading up to the event, naturally, my anxiety was growing, but then I read a wonderful post by Sophie entitled, ‘Why you should do the things that terrify you’ and it convinced me that I had made the right choice.
There’s a post to come shortly telling you about my wonderful, but terrifying, experience working as a fashion expert but for now, I wanted to share an outfit post with you. Specifically, what I wore for one of the fashion events. 
So, what does a fashion expert wear? In all honesty, I cringe at the term ‘fashion expert‘ used to describe myself. As long-time readers of my blog will know, I’m a fashion enthusiast but my style is strictly personal. Throughout this work, I grew to understand that I have an interest in fashion, but I don’t choose to dress in the trends. I dip into them, choose items that catch my eye and this glorious, printed skirt certainly did so.

Whilst I’d never advise anyone to change their individual style, I’ve thrifted so many items lately that I felt like my wardrobe needed a boost of fashion, a splash of colour in something I’d wear over and over again! When I spied this 70s infused print in H&M, I naturally made a bee line to the smock dress featuring it. However, when I considered what I needed, yet another dress just wasn’t on the list. At £19.99, I chose this affordable skirt knowing I’d wear it again and again throughout autumn and eventually into winter. 

Knowing how hot the shopping centre could be throughout the day, I teamed it with a simple black, slightly oversized tee shirt and of course, no 70s inspired outfit would be complete without my Orla Kiely for Clarks shoes! I bought these last January, in the sale, for £50. At the time, it felt like a real splurge but they’re so on trend for this season I feel like they were a solid investment! 
These days, no outfit of mine would be complete without something thrifted. Enter this Toast jacket that I purchased in May from Cancer Research for £12.50. It was brand new with the original tags attached, it should have been £189! I’m bowled over by its warmth, but I think it has a real vintage feel to it too! What do you think? 

Outfit details
// Floral print skirt :: H&M //
// Wool jacket :: Cancer Research (Originally Toast) //
// Shoes :: Orla Kiely for Clarks //
// T-shirt :: Warehouse //
I’ll definitely be restyling this skirt for winter, I’m thinking roll neck sweaters and knee high boots! Being the retro loving girl I am, this skirt is going to see me through many seasons. After all, isn’t that the beauty of personal style? 
So, what do you think? 
An outfit fit for a stylist?

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