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You guys! I finally got Twitter polls! They’re such great fun, but also a nifty, useful tool for finding out what you, the reader, thinks. The first question I asked, ‘Do you want to see more thrifty posts featured on Polkadot Pink?’ The answer: 100% yes. I’m so pleased to hear this as being thrifty has started to become a large part of my life. With any career change comes financial worries. As a result, I’ve invested a lot more time scouring charity shops and a lot of my outfits now feature at least one thrifted item. Hurrah for sustainable fashion and supporting charities!


Familiar readers may remember that as part of the 100 day high street ban, where I ditched the high street and only bought from charity shops, I created a series called ‘What I Thrifted’ to showcase some of my finds. I’m continuing with the series so that it’s really easy for you to identify which outfits contain thrifted items. To kick start the series once again, here’s what I wore for my birthday brunch. A tartan smock purchased from the British Red Cross. 
I’d been looking a tartan smock dress for over a month, they weren’t hard to find online but were out of my budget. I adore this  Mod Dolly dress and think it’s a key investment, if you have £58 spare in your bank account. Don’t forget, I love quality clothes that will last but my disposable income was not to stretch that far. It did, however, stretch to £1.99 for this brand new with tags Atmosphere Primark dress from the British Red Cross, Earlestown. 
As the dress is a size 14, it’s not my usual size but fits perfectly when nipped in at the waist. It’s unusual to find blue and black paired together and I loved the contrast with the splash of red. I’ve decided to pair it with a coatigan that was gifted to me by New Look last year, you will have seen it here. When the weather cools, i’m hoping to remix it with a chunky cream cardigan, a khaki parka, boots and plenty of hot chocolate.  


Outfit Details
// Tartan Smock :: British Red Cross (originally Primark) //
// Pom pom loafers :: Primark //
// Long line cardigan :: c/o New Look (last year)//
// Satchel :: Cambridge Satchel Company //
For autumn, until the rain comes, I’ve decided to add a touch of quirk with pom poms. It’s a trend that I never thought I’d become so endeared with! I’ve been adding furry pom poms to my satchels and gravitating towards shoes that feature them. Tell me, am I alone in this love? 
Are you a thrift lover too? 
What’s your latest find?

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