Friday On My Mind

I bought something I definitely don’t need, yet couldn’t resist and I can’t even justify it by saying it was from a charity shop. It wasn’t. I bought a brand new dress with tags on from the high street. TK Maxx to be precise. I mean, who am I? Abandoning my thrifty ways for yet another dress? When I spied this daisy print ‘Friday on my mind’ dress on the clearance rail all logic escaped me, I snapped it up (before anyone else could!)


Like I said, I definitely did not need yet another patterned dress to add to my collection of, I don’t know, 77 dresses. It was the print that drew me to it, that cheerful daisy print mixed with vintage styling. When I tried it on, I realised just what a bargain it was. Not only did it feel high quality, it fitted perfectly. Can you believe it was £9? I knew it would fit right in my wardrobe so it came home with me and has since been treated to a night at the cinema, a meal out and a visit to the parents. 


At the moment, I’m trying to discover and wear clothes in my wardrobe that I’ve neglected for too long. This snuggly snood has been buried in the bottom of my wardrobe for well over a year. It was only when a nasty viral infection had me searching for knitwear to keep my chest wrapped up, that I found it once more. I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be my go to scarf this winter! 

Outfit Details
// Daisy print dress :: Friday on my Mind at TK Maxx //
// Brogues :: Hudson //
// Mustard coat :: Topshop (old) //
//Handbag :: Cancer Research (originally Nica) //
Sooo, I’m thinking of getting my hair cut short! What do you think? My appointment is booked for next week and my decision is so far from made. Lose a couple of inches or a good nine inches? I’m definitely in need of a change, but am I brave enough? Help!

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