I’ll admit, buying every day, basic items from charity shops isn’t the most exciting topic to be blogging about, but stick with me on this one. From classic Breton tops to well fitting jeans, some of my favourite finds have been run-of-the-mill, casual clothes. So it’s no surprise that #14 is a basic, a jersey polka dot top.

Originally from Next, it’s a very simple monochrome polka dot jersey top with three quarter sleeves edged in a contrasting striped trim. I found it in Burnley’s ‘Glad Rags’ shop one Saturday afternoon, John was at the Burnley match and I was trying to find reasonably priced work wear (okay, cheap work wear because let’s face it, it all ends up decorated in a rainbow of felt tip pen and Biro anyway). Like most work wear, it didn’t make me feel excited. In fact I deliberated whether it was worth the £2.50, but I decided to take a punt. 

So you’ll notice this isn’t the work wear outfit I probably invited you to imagine with my description. No. You see, the next day John and I decided to grab a coffee and go for a stroll. It was a beautiful autumn day, still warm but a fog had descended and even the sunlight couldn’t persuade it to leave. Perfect. I reached for the top straight away as it’s such an easy top to match.Not only is it easy to wear, it’s so comfortable. It’s now become work wear and casual wear. Definitely worth £2.50 of anyone’s money!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but recently, I’ve started to play with patterns. Pattern clashing, pattern matching and pattern mixing. It feels like the next, natural step from playing with colour! As I’m buying fewer clothes, I’m delving deep into my wardrobe and mixing my new finds with clothes that I’ve had for years! 

// Outfit Details //
// Pinafore dress :: Topshop // 
// Polka dot top :: Glad Rags (originally Next) //
// Necklace :: c/o Lucy Q at Jewel Street //
// Wedge boots :: Clarks originals //
// Mustard coat :: Topshop (old) //
// Satchel :: The Cambridge Satchel Company //
What have you thrifted lately?
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