Inthrift, Thrift


I know what you’re thinking. Thrifting? Again? But, believe it or not, I am starting to buy fewer clothes in charity shops, making purchases only when I am entirely certain I will wear them. I’m starting to learn that if something appears to be a bargain, it’s only a bargain if it’s right for you. I mean, how many unworn items do we have in our wardrobes that were seemingly cheap just going to waste? 

I feel really fortunate that I live in an area of the country where charity shop donations are of high quality and are reasonably priced. It’s that magical combination. As I spend my time between two homes in Merseyside and East Lancashire, I have a bigger area of charity shops in which to cast my proverbial net. Because of this, I have become very selective about the shops I visit. I have found those rare gems and try to visit them as much as I can. One of my favourite shops is Age UK, in Burnley and that’s where I found thrifted item #15. The denim skirt. 

Usually, I’m a standard size 12 when I buy a skirt. I’ve never been anything less, nor have I been anything more. This skirt is a size 14. As soon as I spotted it hanging on the rail, I felt the quality of the denim, saw it was from Miss Selfridge (recent too, judging by the label) and instantly thought, ‘Bargain!’ If only it was right for me…
I tried it on. Although it’s a size too big on the waist, it’s loose enough to sit on my hips and can be worn on my waist if I cinch it in with a belt. As my wardrobe is missing a denim skirt, I decided that it was right for me. So I brought it home for £1.99.
So far, I’m smitten. It fits right in my wardrobe and I can see me chucking on cozy sweatshirts and pumps when I’m lazing, or adding a 70’s turtleneck and boots when I’m feeling fancy. Win, win. 
Outfit Details
// Denim skirt :: Age UK, Burnley (originally Miss Selfridge) //
// Hot air balloon blouse :: c/o George at Asda //
// Patent brogues :: F&F (old) //
// Parka :: H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams //
// Bear hat :: Topshop // 
What have you thrifted lately? 
(I love to read your thrifty posts too. Please leave me your links in the comments.)

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