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When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. But, I like to think that I’m an eternal optimist and it’s this blind optimism that made me purchase this red jacket from Everything5Pounds. It was a purchase made in minutes, but it was far from an impulse buy.

You see, I’d been casually searching for a red coat for some time now: weeks, months, years. Ever since I let my dream Topshop jacket slip through my fingers, I’ve been trying to find a similar coat. Recently, Everything5Pounds got in touch and invited me to their Manchester Bloggers Tea Party. Their timing wasn’t the best and, as it was my birthday, I already had plans and couldn’t go. But, that didn’t stop me browsing the website. 

When I found this £5 red jacket, I added it to my basket and paid swiftly. When it arrived, I couldn’t believe my eyes…

It was such great quality as well as being every bit as cute as I expected (if not cuter). Including postage and packaging, the coat cost £8.95 and was delivered in days. Whilst I doubt the coat is a high street brand, I be happy to pay a high street price for it. On the site, the buttons concerned me and I planned to replace these with sturdier buttons. However, I like their brightness and even though they’re plastic, I think they look quite rich.

Outfit Details
// Red Double Breasted Jacket :: Everything5Pounds //
// Collar dress :: Urban Outfitters (old) //
// Black courts :: Matalan (gift from the bff) //
// Watch :: Olivia Burton //
And speaking of birthdays, I was lucky enough to receive a new Olivia Burton watch from John. It’s no secret, I love Olivia Burton watches. Not only are they durable and hard wearing, they’re also so dainty. Thanks to the ASOS sale, John was fortunate to snap this up for half price! I’m still getting into the hang of wearing it, but I do love how it looks with my new jacket.
Have you ever shopped with Everything5Pounds?



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