How to Wear a Lindy Bop Summer Dress in Winter

For the past two years, I’ve started each year with a fashion themed challenge. Usually, this involves me changing my habits to reduce what I spend on clothes in a bid to live more frugally. However, in the second part of this year I’ve had to be thrifty so I’ve bought more clothes from charity shops, jumped on Instagram sales, rediscovered eBay and of course, swapped clothes! Because I’m already a thrifty miss, I’ll be starting 2016 with a pledge: a pledge to wear more of what I already own, in many different ways. In this post, I’m transitioning a Lindy Bop summer dress and to create a winter outfit.

How to Wear a Lindy Bop Summer Dress in Winter

When I was packing away my summer clothes, this monochrome check dress made me think twice about putting away every cotton dress for the winter. It seemed like a waste for it to gather dust, simply because it was made of cotton. So I put it back on my dress rail with good intentions for autumn and then promptly forget all about it. Until today.





I’ve been casually browsing the sales, not with the intention of buying new clothes but with a sense of curiosity: I like to see what’s in the sale, add it to my virtual wish list and then deliberate over it, usually until it’s out of stock. High on my virtual list is a black check skirt, but I’m not about to drop almost £30 when I have something very similar. Oh yes, that cotton summer dress.

I know, I’m definitely being helped along with these practically tropical December temperatures but there’s something so satisfying about creating a whole, new outfit from well-loved clothes. Apart from the satchel (Christmas present from Santa John), everything you see in this outfit has been in my wardrobe for months or years! You first saw this jumper in 2013, here.
So, it’s got me thinking about all the summer dresses I packed away and more to the point, how I can wear them in winter. Here are my ideas:
1. Layer with knitwear: Whether it’s a cute cardigan, or jumper, adding knitwear not only adds warmth but makes it more suitable for the weather.
2. Create an illusion: turn a dress into a skirt: Add a blouse with a cute collar underneath your jumper to make it look like a skirt and jumper combination.
3. Choose dresses with subtle colours: Clearly a white summer sundress isn’t going to work in winter, but a floral dress with a hint of winter colour will.
4. Wear with coloured tights to add warmth: Dependent on the hem length, adding tights will keep you warm and give extra colour.
5. Layer, layer, layer: Continue to layer with a winter coat, add a fur collar for extra winter glamour (read: warmth).

See the how the amazing Nora Finds wears vintage summer dresses in winter, here.
Outfit Details
// Audrey Check Dress :: Lindy Bop //
// Zebra jumper :: H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams //
// Scalloped blouse :: Primark //
// Black fedora :: Primark //
// Black clogs :: Lotta from Stockholm //
// Black satchel :: Cambridge Satchel Company //

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