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Swans: fiercely loyal and loving, swans seek a partner for life.
So, it was rather heartbreaking for my swan jumper to be seeking its mate almost 18 months since its purchase. It’s not that I didn’t love my £2.49 charity shop find: I simply hadn’t found its perfect companion. Would it be this jumper’s swan song before I’d even had chance to wear it? Thankfully not, enter the £1 flippy skirt.
There’s something exciting about finding a piece of clothing that creates an entirely new outfit. For me, this teal skirt was the key to unlocking so many unworn clothes in my wardrobe. They say if you haven’t worn something in 12 months, you’re probably not going to wear it again. Not true. I believe it’s about finding the perfect match for each item. This perfect match cost me £1 from an independent charity shop, I would have happily paid five times the asking price.
Opening the doors of my wardrobe can be an intimidating experience, it’s packed with jumpers, blouses, skirts: some that I’ve held onto for years, some that are new. When building a new outfit, I usually go with gut instinct. Instinctively, I reached for a cute blouse: my sewing reel, frill neck blouse from Urban Outfitters to be precise. What I thought would be perfect was frumpy, almost uniform like, then I spotted the teal green swans. How had I forgotten this jumper? One scalloped collar layer later, my new year’s day outfit was sorted!
Outfit Details
// Flippy skirt :: local charity shop (Peacocks) //
// Scallop collared blouse :: Claire’s House (M&S) //
// Swan jumper :: Barnardo’s (unknown brand) //
// Tan bag :: Cancer Research (Nica) //
// Brogues :: Hudson //
// Nautical coat :: Topshop //
To me, new year’s day is the perfect day for snuggling up on the sofa with Netflix and snacks for company. Hello series 6 of How I Met Your Mother! Getting dresses is the least of my priorities but this year was different, my brother decided to throw our family a new year’s day house party. My next question wasn’t which pyjamas should I wear, but what outfit do I wear?
There’s a certain sense of irony in this outfit: it’s mostly made up from thrifted finds. I’ve been consciously clothes shopping in charity shops for almost two years now and this outfit features the most items of thrifted clothes I’ve ever worn at once! The irony is, I’m far happier in this outfit than most of my high street finds! In total, the skirt, jumper, blouse and handbag came in at under £10. Can you believe that? Madness.
Have you found any bargains recently? 

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