This Old Heart of Mine

To find an original, red telephone box in the UK these days can be rather rare and sighting one can feel fortuitous, especially when that telephone box happens to be located in the small, rural village where your parents live. Most Sundays, John and I take the short drive out of town, through scenic countryside to visit and share breakfast with my family. My parents live in a small cottage with a large, farmhouse style kitchen and we settle around the table brunching, drinking coffee and swapping tales from the week. It’s quickly becoming somewhat of a family tradition; a tradition this old heart of mine longs to keep.

This Old Heart of Mine

Since making my pledge, I’ve successfully reduced my clothes but, I’m finding it a real challenge to reuse the pieces that I already own. I hate to admit it, but…

I’ve tried quick, clever tricks by layering dresses with jumpers or turning dresses into tops with midi skirts, but this weekend, I discovered a long forgotten pair of thrifted shoes and instantly, I knew how to restyle one of my favourite dresses. Just like that, easy!
Outfit Details
// Gingham Dress :: Duck and Duffel //
// Vintage Inspired Bag :: c/o HaveBest //
// Trench coat :: Primark //
// Red shoes :: British Heart Foundation (originally M&S) //
// Tights :: Pamela Mann //
I found these shoes in my local British Heart Foundation shop almost two years ago now. They’re originally from Marks and Spencers’ Limited Collection and even though they were brand new with tags attached, they were £5.99. At the time, I remember being drawn to their vintage inspired design, which probably explains why I chose this bag>when Manchester company, HaveBest, got in touch and offered to send me a bag of my choice. I chose the Genevieve tote bag because of its cherry red colour and vintage look. I love how it looks with monochrome and also that it costs £18, including delivery. Surely this wouldn’t be an expensive addition to any vintage loving girl’s wardrobe?

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