Valentine’s Day Gifts: Uncommon Goods for John


No gifts, no flowers and certainly no romantic meals- and that’s fine with her. You see, in Japan on Valentine’s Day, it’s the women who are gift givers. Whilst gifting homemade chocolates is the traditional way to confess your true love, male friends and colleagues also expect different types of chocolates on the day. (Don’t worry, men get their chance to return the favour a month later on White Day.) 

Valentine’s Day: Uncommon Goods for John

This post contains a gifted item from Uncommon Goods. 

I’m a sucker for anything related to Japanese culture – Tokyo has been on John and I’s travel bucket list for the longest time- so when UncommonGoods, a company with sustainability at the heart of everything they do, got in touch they gave me the chance to join in with this tradition and choose a Valentine’s gift for my fiancé, John. 

Long time readers of Polkadot Pink will know that John is the reason I became interested in experimenting with photography and it won’t surprise you to find out that he has a serious love of film and cameras. So much so, a couple of years ago he bought me my first lomography camera, a DianaF+. Now, we’re not the type to get smushy in public or buy Valentine’s Day gifts (I don’t think we’ve ever bought each other Valentine’s gifts, but if you are seeking inspiration check this section out) However, this year, I felt different. 

You see, John has been my rock this year. Since leaving full-time teaching, my income took a severe nose-dive which meant no more trips to our beloved Berlin, or even cities in the UK. Every penny was pinched and our idea of date night turned into watching Netflix with a chippy tea. I felt like a right bore but he always reassured me that time together was worth more than money. 

So, what did I choose for a photography enthusiast? A Lomo’ Instant camera, of course. As soon as the parcel arrived, John couldn’t wait to start experimenting with it. Luckily, I had some Instax film handy (earmarked for my Diana F+ but, whatever) and off we were, conducting our own instant photo shoot in the garden. Glamorous. 

So what did John think of the camera?

“Like all lomography cameras, to get the best results you’re going to need light and lots of it. Compact and easy to carry with you, it’s fun and the Instax film will set you back less than rival brands. Fun and affordable!”

If you’ve never heard of UncommonGoods, they’re a company who believe sustainability is more than ‘being green’, they believe in integrity and paying a living wage. Based in Brooklyn, New York, their shipping fees include duties and tax, because no one likes to be hit with a customs bill. 

We’re looking forward to taking this camera on our next city break, whenever that may be! 

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