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Life Lately: Wycoller (ft. What I Thrifted #25 #26)

Well, haven’t things been a little quiet around here recently? My short hiatus wasn’t planned, nor intended, but very much needed. I haven’t intentionally been keeping things quiet, but I do have news to share- I have a new job! I’ve sidestepped into a different career, a different sector, but my passions of social media and teaching have collided into a job role that was seemingly made to measure.

Last May, I wrote about how I felt that  was the only option for me and, in the months following, I spent a happy few months managing Lindy Bop’s social media accounts. However, being thirty plus comes with financial responsibility and despite my thrifty ways, I had to return to teaching. On supply, I taught in a scenic village school sharing the teaching of a year 6 class. I worked with enthusiastic and polite children who were keen to learn and formed friendships with colleagues who treated me as one of the team from day one. Then, out of the blue, I received an email inviting me to apply for a position as a social media assessor.
The rest, as they say, is history. I interviewed for the position and was offered the role. Since then, I’ve been finding my feet, swotting up and learning my new job role. It’s early days, but so far so good. I’m now tutoring and assessing learners to achieve a level 3 diploma in social media for business. This means I still plan and teach, but my learners are adult apprentices and I’m teaching about social media and search engine optimisation. Hurrah for a job that allows for flexibility and understands the value of a work life balance. With my Sundays reclaimed, John and I decided to take a drive to Wycoller Village.

Situated in Trawden Forest, Pendle, Wycoller is ironically close to the village school I worked in (so close, I bumped into a pupil!) Within the sleepy village, Wycoller Hall takes centre stage. The late sixteenth century manor house is credited as being the inspiration behind Ferndean Manor in Charlotte Bronte’s ‘Jane Eyre’ (in fact, it even features on the cover of the 1898 edition). Nowadays, the ruins are now listed and make for a wonderful place to visit on a spring afternoon.

Recently, I’ve pondered if earning a steady income would see me turn my back on my thrifty ways. So far, this hasn’t been the case. If anything, I’m buying less and questioning myself more than ever. This month, I’ve bought things first hand and second hand; a real mix but unintentionally, I’ve spent very little.


One of my first March purchases was this Cooperative at Urban Outfitters dress; a fortunate find from Age UK in Ormskirk. It’s like new and just my size. It’s a dress I shouldn’t like, because it flouts my polka dot or stripes rule and it’s made from cotton but somehow, I love it. It’s the perfect match for last month’s thrifted Audley London boots.
Even though it’s taken over a year, I’m almost at the stage where I can make a complete outfit from second hand or affordable finds. With the exception of my denim jacket, woolen beret and tights, the rest are thrifted finds totaling<£10.50. Not bad, hey?
Outfit Details
// Cooperative at Urban Outfitters dress :: Age UK (Ormskirk) //
// Audley London boots :: Sue Ryder (Didsbury) //
// Mustard Scarf :: Urban Outfitters //
// Denim jacket :: Topshop //
// Woolen beret :: Primark //
// Nica handbag :: Cancer Research (St Helens) //

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