Inthrift, Thrift


…is another woman’s treasure and that’s certainly true for my latest find, my ‘JUNK’ trash can bag. When it comes to novelty bags, I think they’re something you either love or hate, but I love them in all of their kitsch, tacky or garish splendor. The brighter, the better! I found this bag in a Huddersfield charity shop, by chance, as I was passing. It stopped me in my tracks and minutes later, it was mine. 

Despite my love of bags, shoes and accessories, I’m pretty useless at finding good quality pieces second hand. Every month, I find many new dresses and the occasional collared blouse, but rarely anything else. Why is that? Is it because you can never grow out of bags, shoes and accessories? They’ll still fit you even if your size changes? Whatever the reason, I definitely get the giddy bumps when I find them!

Considering the weather, this is probably the most impractical outfit I’ve worn in a long time. When we left home, it was dry but as soon as we crossed the Welsh border… down came the rain! I swapped my leather biker jacket for a parka and my clogs for brogues and somehow, a slightly more appropriate outfit was born. You might recognise this gingham smock dress from February’s buyer’s archive. I bought it from my local charity shop for £2 and so far, I’ve worn it lots.

Yesterday, John and I decided to take a drive to Wales. John recently passed his driving test (yay!) and wanted to take a drive. We decided to drive to Llangollen, neither of us had visited before and it proved to be the perfect place for our first road trip. With charity shops, vintage shops and amazing book shops disguised as cafes, we enjoyed an hour discovering this new town. Then, I bumped into Char! Can you believe it? It was a welcome surprise and great to meet up in real life.
As soon as we left scenic Llangollen, the rain cleared up! When we passed a sign for a World Heritage Site, our interest was piqued and we found ourselves taking a short diversion to Pontcysyllte Aqueduct. With fresh air in our lungs and a hearty lunch in our stomach, we took a relaxing stroll around this beautiful area. An Easter weekend well spent, I’d say!

Outfit Details
// Gingham smock dress :: Cats Protection (Topshop) What I Thrifted #27 //
// JUNK bag :: Barnardos (Huddersfield)What I Thrifted #28 //
// Heart necklace :: Punky Pins //
// Patent brogues :: F&F at Tesco //

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