The Buyer’s Archive: March

March. The month when my love hate relationship with clothes began. Trust me, there’s no one more surprised than I. One moment, I wanted all of the clothes. The next, I found myself clearing out liquidating my wardrobe with gusto, walking past most charity shops and browsing, lots of it, in high street shops. Despite this increased interest in finding new clothes, I bought very little; so little, I almost didn’t write this post. 

But, I did because I thought it was important to remember what new threads I was adding to my wardrobe. As you may know, the buyer’s archive is Elise’s series that I joined with the intention of tracking my spending habits. This year, it’s been a useful way to chronicle my many charity shop finds from January and February. However, now that I’m earning a steady wage each month, will this change my belief in second hand fashion? It’s something I’m undecided on, something that I’ve been giving some thought to over the past week or so. Despite all of my Internet browsing, what did I actually buy in March? Not much…
Tu Navy A-Line Skirt £8
Since starting my new job, I’ve swapped a classroom for many different offices and suddenly,what was my school work wardrobe just doesn’t cut the mustard. I need smarter, but I don’t want to lose the fun details. I was instantly drawn to this Tu skirt and added it to my virtual wishlist, when I found it for half price in store, I finally made it mine. As you can see, I plan to wear it with pops of red and maybe mustard. 
Urban Outfitters Cooperative Floral Dress,  £1.99, Age UK 
This month, I visited fewer charity shops but made sure I stayed loyal to my favourites. As part of my wardrobe clear out, I donated much more than ever but found very little. I guess that’s just the way it goes. However, I was very happy to be find this Urban Outfitters dress in Age UK for £1.99. It was perfect for a Sunday walk at Wycoller

JUNK bag, £1.99, Barnardos

I saw it, I needed it. It was in a pretty rough condition, but after a quick spin in the washing machine it was as good as new. It’s quirky, totally impractical but I can’t help but love it. You can see how I wore it on our day trip to Llangollen.

And, that’s pretty much it. Spare a denim midi pinafore dress that was bought and returned almost instantly. Scores on the door…

Total £11.98

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