If you’re as old as me, you’ll remember neighbourhood watch- a scheme that saw neighbours hold regular meetings and work in partnership with the police to make communities safer. The scheme is still going today, but it’s not what I’m referring to in my blog title. No, I’m talking about how it always catches me by surprise just how much a new season can transform the local area that I live in. So much so, I’ve decided to take you on a photographic tour to experience my local area, filled with blossom and of course, I decided to match by wearing my Lindy Bop Audrey dress. 

Last autumn, I took a stroll where I live with a Pumpkin Spice Latte in one hand and John’s in the other. This spring, we’ve retraced our steps but decided to swap hot cups of Starbucks latte for pints in our local. Yes, you read that right- our local. John moved in!

We’ve both waited a long, long time to live together. When I resigned from teaching, I knew giving up a steady wage would impact on our future plans, especially our wedding. A year on, and months spent living between two different homes, John has a new job in a local library and we’re finally living together. With the sudden reappearance of warm weather, we decided to make the most of summer (ahem, I meant spring) by taking a stroll to our local pub. 

First of all, I should say that my local area is not noted for being picturesque. I’m from a large, industrial town in the north west of England: a town that was significant during the industrial revolution. Whilst it mightn’t be about to win any awards soon, the parish that I live in is suddenly in bloom with blossom and magnolia.
Mobile phones away, we spent the short journey talking about our day whilst watching the final rays of sunshine fade to the golden hour. My day had consisted of driving for hours in the warm weather to visit a business in Alderley Edge, whilst John had been getting to grips with the new job. Very different days, but we were both glad to get some fresh air. Whilst walking, we noticed so many things things we’d never seen before, usually when passing in the car. Details that gave us clues to the age of buildings, reminding us that we won’t be the first couple to make this area our home.
With the weather being so changeable at the moment, I always feel so unprepared. Usually, I have a couple of outfits in mind but when the sun suddenly makes a reappearance it confuses me. I mean, tights or no tights? Coat, cardigan or jacket? Above the knee or below the knee? Too many choices! 

Whilst I might have sold the majority of the Lindy Bop dresses I own, I kept hold of this floral Audrey dress simply because of the way it fits. Slightly below the knee and high necked, it’s a real ‘go anywhere’ dress. As you can see, I whipped out my hardy wardrobe staples of clogs, denim jacket and tan accessories and was good to go!

What does your local area look like at the moment? 
Outfit Details
// Tulip print dress :: Lindy Bop //
// Tan clogs :: Lotta from Stockholm //
// Lilac bag :: River Island //
// Denim jacket :: Topshop //

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