How to Make a Slogan Straw Hat

how to make a slogan straw hat

If, like me, you’re a fan of whimsical fashion then a slogan straw hat must be one of your summer fashion staples and I hope you’ll considering how to make a slogan straw hat after reading this post. So, why make and not buy? Recently, I considered buying an £18 straw hat stitched with the slogan, ‘I’m Busy’. It quickly sold out. Disappointed, I decided to make my own when I found this Peacocks hat on Saturday’s shopping trip to Green Oaks, Widnes. At £8, it was significantly cheaper and more my style with its polka dot trim. So if you’ve ever wondered, here’s…

How to Make a Slogan Straw Hat

how to make a slogan straw hat

Step One

First things first, decide on the slogan you wish to add to your hat. Keep in mind the size of your hat’s brim, larger phrases need larger spaces. I chose a hat with a smaller brim. I spent some time on Pinterest pinning witty ideas (‘Here Comes the Fun’ was a personal favourite), but ultimately, I decided on something unique. Red, to complement the black and white polka dots, and of course to show my love of summer.

Step Two

Create an outline by lightly drawing your slogan freehand. I used pencil at first then created a stronger line using felt tip. If your hat is similar to mine, I’d suggest using its woven lines as a guide. I have stereotypical teacher’s handwriting, if you’re not so neat you could use a computer to print out your lettering and then trace it.

how to make a slogan straw hat

Step Three
Using a large eyed needle, thread your needle with your chosen embroidery thread and double knot the end. You may find you need to add considerably more knots depending on the weave of your hat. Starting from the left, move your needle up and place your first stitch.

Step Four

Carefully stitch over your outline, leaving no gaps. I chose to make each stitch approximately 0.5mm and sometimes I doubled up if I felt the line looked too thin. To keep the stitches connected and to avoid any gaps, I placed my needle down into the middle of the previous stitch. Remember to secure threads neatly and securely when your thread runs out.

how to make a slogan straw hat

Step Five
Once complete, admire your handy work and take a selfie!

Here’s the finished product, what do you think?

how to make a slogan straw hat
I’m pretty pleased with how this project turned out and can’t wait to feature it in an outfit post coming soon! Let’s hope the sun makes a return!
Edit: This slogan hat was featured in the outfit post: ‘Monochrome Brights’

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