Monochrome Brights: Remixing an Old Favourite


First blossom, now rapeseed; are you tired of these spring cliches yet? I’m sure many spring seasons have passed that have been equally as scenic and picturesque, but I’ve yet to recall them. Suddenly the fields in our local area are awash with colour and colourful wildflowers are sprouting. It seems April showers really do bring May flowers. With any change of season, comes transitional dressing and shopping for key pieces.

For the girl who doesn’t wear trousers, the scattered showers transition between spring summer is especially difficult. Over the past few months, I’ve cleared over half of my wardrobe (if it didn’t fit or flatter, it was sold, donated or binned!) and now I’m left with a few key pieces. 
This bright, yellow skirt and orange shoe combination first featured here in April 2014. Both, unsurprisingly, were sale buys (the skirt costing £4, the shoes £5). I’d almost forgotten about them both, until the great wardrobe clear out. With a handful of little gems left in my wardrobe, I’m trying to create new-to-me outfits with them.
This season, I love the sudden explosion of frills, flounces and ruffles on our high street. It’s so… romantic? I blame the #ArchivebyAlexa range and that Harry blouse for planting to idea in my head and making it BLOOM. Frills were top on my spring/summer update list so when Katie and I were invited to shop at Green Oaks Shopping Centre in Widnes, we didn’t hesitate to say yes. Gifted with vouchers for Peacocks, Select and Roman, we decided to devote the entire day to updating our spring/summer wardrobe. 
So, what did I come away with? This monochrome cold shoulder striped top. Frills, monochrome and stripes, what more could I ask for? The perfect update, very much my style and a bargain at £10. Staying in Peacocks, I also picked up this hat at £8 to personalise and make it unique. 
Next, we met Debbie and Andrew from The Fragrance Shop where we were very generously gifted (and surprised) with a large bottle of perfume, a twist and spritz (guess who’s now taking her perfume on holiday- 9kg of luggage here I come) and a very welcome, detailed Disney discussion where Katie and Andrew tried to decipher who the best Disney princess is. (Team Arial here, incase you were wondering.) 
Browsing in Roman and Select, I found a handful of clothes that I liked but either didn’t fit or were out of stock. Roman’s sizes were just out of proportion for my petite (read: short) frame, I’d like to think I was just unlucky on the day with my size being out of stock in Select. 
My list of essentials is still just as long. I’m desperate for cardigans, a well-fitting pair of jeans and a pair of comfortable trainers. All items feel like I’m trying to find the holy grail- no sooner do I find one, it sells out. Seriously, where are all the petite clothes and sleek, slim-fit trainers?  
Outfit Details
// Yellow skirt :: Peacocks // Orange shoes :: Topshop // Cold shoulder top :: c/o Peacocks // Hat :: c/o Peacocks // Leather satchel :: vintage //
*Post written in collaboration with brand, all opinions my own*

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