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A City Break in Berlin

 Packing for a city break in Berlin never gets any easier, especially when you’re packing for a Berlin summer. First of all, there’s the climate to consider: temperamental, humid and prone to sudden downpours.  Secondly, when the citizens of the city of cool take to wearing h2t black as their armour, what’s a colour loving girl to wear? And, that’s not forgetting the predominant issue here, can a capsule wardrobe for Berlin truly fit into 10kg of carry on luggage?

A City Break in Berlin

For weeks prior to take off, I pinned, browsed and shopped my way to a capsule wardrobe (taking into account comfort due to the amount of walking I’d be doing, practicality for the urban exploration planned and style, because everyone wants to feel good- no?) Then, days before our trip something unexpected happened. The weather forecast changed from showers and thunderstorms to hot, dry, sunny weather with expected temperatures of 25 degrees and upward. After packing raincoats, jeans and all of the long-sleeved Breton tops, I did what any girl would do- I went panic shopping for summer clothes fit for a Berlin summer.
Berlin summer


Berlin summer
Berlin summer
I didn’t find much, but I did find this affordable skirt. Long time readers of Polkadot Pink will know that I love to mix affordable pieces with quality investment pieces, old pieces with new. I’m not a believer in fast fashion, I’m an advocate for buying pieces to cherish, look after and wear until they’re worn out or are ready for a new home. It was during my panic shopping trip that I chanced upon this New Look midi skirt in the colour rust- priced at £15.99.
Now, it should be noted that New Look is not somewhere I usually shop, nor is rust a colour I usually wear, but I was drawn to this skirt.  It nips in the waist, but is long enough to hide most of my legs (heck, it’s not quite perfection, but close enough) We’re agreed that it’s not my usual style, yet somehow I love this skirt. First I bought a rust midi skirt, then I chopped all my hair off, whatever next?
Well, the day before I was due to fly, this dainty and charming animal pendant happened to fall through my letterbox thanks to the folks at Bill Skinner.
Berlin summer 


Berlin summer
When travelling, I keep my jewellery to a minimum choosing to travel in the jewellery I will wear throughout the holiday. As soon as I laid eyes on the running hare pendant, I knew I’d be taking it to Berlin as my only necklace. I’ve been a fan of Bill Skinner pieces for some time now. They’re quirky, twee and look ever so delicate, however because it’s plated in 18ct gold it’s sturdy and even after four days of constant wear, it still looks brand new.
I spied this huge rose bush on our first night in Berlin. We were taking a midnight stroll on Torstrasse when I suddenly stopped in front of it. I made John promise our return in  daylight just so we could take outfit photographs. That we did, among honking horns on the bemused Berliners dressed in black.
Berlin summer
Outfit Details
// Rust coloured skirt :: New Look //
// Necklace :: c/o Bill Skinner //
// White heart top :: H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams //
// Rucksack :: Fjallraven //
// Sandals :: Saltwater //

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