The Power of Saying Yes at Mottram Hall


As a blogger, different offers and opportunities will occasionally land in my inbox- usually during the day when I’m hurrying between appointments. Being honest, I decline most event invitations (when I’m lucky enough to receive them) because they’re usually in London, with short notice or aren’t relevant to the fashion and lifestyle ethos of Polkadot Pink. So when I received an event invitation to visit Mottram Hall a luxury spa hotel, I was pleased to discover it was located close by and had an action packed itinerary which, of course, included fashion

Despite this, I almost declined their offer. Why? Well, you know how shy I can be… what if I didn’t know anyone? What if no one spoke to me? What if I became so anxious I couldn’t speak? ‘What if, what if, what if!’ I thought until my brain grew tired, had a word with itself and said, ‘You’re going!’ in a tone that sounded just like my dad. And, that’s exactly what I did, I said yes! 
Arriving right on time, the day started with a glass of Bucks Fizz with the ethereal pink-haired beauty, Kerri-Ann from Life As Our Little Family (a blog I’ve enjoyed reading for some time now.) Even though we hadn’t met in real life, it was great to meet in ‘real time’ for a day of spoiling thanks to Spa Seekers. When Chyaz, Emma, Fikki and Keeley arrived shortly after, we knew we were in good company.
Colour Me Beautiful with Maria Moyles
Introductions made, proverbial ice broken, we were invited to discover our colour personality by taking part in a colour consultation workshop with Maria Moyles, from Colour Me Beautiful. Maria placed different swatches of colour across our shoulders to help us see the colours that flattered us and more importantly, those that don’t. With this knowledge, Colour Me Beautiful believe women can add vitality to their skin, eyes and teeth, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and appear slimmer. With my pale skin and deep brown hair colour, I discovered rich and bright colours flatter me; like emerald green, marine blue, amethyst or teal, which isn’t surprising given my love of colour. 
The second part of the session taught us how to highlight our favourite feature by incorporating colour into our make up. It’s been many years since I wore make up of any noticeable colour, apart from red lipstick. As my I’d like to highlight my eyes, I’m going to try switching my black eyeliner to an amethyst, granite, marine or teal colour and my lipstick to rose or plum (although, not all at once.)


Afternoon Tea at Mottram Hall

We were treated to classic British afternoon tea at the Carrington Grill, Mottram Hall’s elegant and stylish restaurant. On arrival, we were served with a glass of Prosecco to whet our appetites whilst we awaited the arrival of our tower of treats. Talk turned to the inspiration behind our blog names and I found it really interesting to discover the story behind their blogs, especially the blogs I read regularly. 
When our platters of afternoon tea started to arrive, we photographed our delicious lunch with speed (check out Chyaz’s look of glee) and helped ourselves to a selection of sandwiches: smoked salmon and chive cream cheese, free range egg and cress, roast beef and horseradish, ham and mustard. With a freshly made scone came a side of debate: cream or jam first? We couldn’t decide. Finally, to finish, we took our pick from hand crafted cakes. 


Tour of Mottram Hall

Mottram Hall is situated in the idyllic Cheshire countryside and is surrounded by parkland which makes it the ideal location for a relaxing getaway. Hotel manager, Steve Ewing, was on hand to give us a tour. They say a picture paints a thousand words, so here’s what my camera spied. 
Steve describing the history of Mottram Hall
A bride and groom’s gorgeous reception room, awaiting their guests’ arrival. Interviews and filming usually takes place here.
Mottram Hall a luxury spa
I loved how this room felt like a manor house snug. This room is soon to be converted to a champagne bar- yes please!
The impressive entrance to Mottram Hall, the red carpet had clearly been rolled out for us…okay, maybe not. 
Looking out onto the terrace and oriental gardens.
Anyone for golf?

Make up workshop hosted by Chloe Johnston

After our tour, we were seated for a make up masterclass lead by Chloe Johnston . She promised to teach us her tips and tricks for creating the perfect smokey eye. Keeley volunteered to be Chloe’s model as she was heading straight to work after the session. I listened attentively as Chloe advised us how to create the smokey eyed look, and my attention was piqued when she told us it was possible to transform a 90s brow to a more natural brow simply by holding an angled brush right at the end. This creates a lighter, delicate and more precise application which enables you to build up the product. 

Spa Time

To end the day, we were given time to relax in the spa and gym facilities. Chyaz and Fikki chose to squeeze in a workout, but Kerri-Ann, Emma and I headed for the Stonebath. As an asthmatic, I can sometimes find saunas and steam rooms overwhelming. During the tour, Steven had explained how mineral stones are heated in the Stonebath oven until they are dipped into a basin of water, releasing minerals into the room. Apparently, this keeps the humidity low and I had to agree. Although it did give us a fright when it lurched into action! 
Even though Mottram Hall, a luxury spa, boasts an outdoor hot tub, we didn’t get chance to experience it on the day due to its popularity. Instead, we settled for the indoor hot tub and talked until we pruned and reluctantly, we each decided it was time to set off home back to our real lives. 
Mottram Hall a luxury spa
Driving home, I couldn’t help think: had I not said yes, I would have missed out on meeting
a fantastic group of people, a day of relaxation at Mottram Hall, enjoyed an amazing afternoon tea and of course, I wouldn’t have discoverd that emerald green is the colour for me to be seen in. It’s given me the confidence to go to more events solo and in future, I’ll be a firm yes. Thanks to Sammy for all of her hard work and inviting me on behalf of Spa Seekers. 

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