English Summer Rain

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“Always stays the same, nothing ever changes, English summer rain, seems to last for ages.”

English Summer Rain, Placebo

We’re tricked into the illusion of an English summer when the calendar reads July and we awaken to find rooms bathed in sunlight. Inevitably though, the dark clouds roll in and our illusions are shattered. Torrential rain, roads flooding. Each and every year, it’s the same. Can you believe these images were captured only hours after rain caused severe flooding and disruption? 

This year, I’ve subconsciously  grown wise to the weather’s antics and  have sought solace in darker colours and longer lengths: heck, I’ve even invested in a handful of midi skirts. It seems this is the only time of the year that I truly allow myself the freedom to experiment. This year, more than ever: I cut my hair after almost a decade of wearing it long. Of all of my experiments, this midi length Zara sale buy has to be my most successful. 
I’ve been wanting to capture this beautiful dress since I found it in the middle of June. It’s a size large and extremely oversized but there is just something so wonderfully bohemian about its fluted sleeves and retro print that brightens my mood and unleashes my inner adventurer. It makes me feel free and optimistically cheery, all for £26.99.

On the topic of wanderlust, it’s may only be a month since we returned from Berlin, but our urge to travel is rising. Maybe it’s because we’ve been hashtag tourists on Instagram, enjoying the travel posts of those we follow, or maybe we’re destined to travel, its ingrained into who we are. Whatever the reason, we’ve been researching our next adventure, and have started to discuss the idea of whether we should start a travel blog to take our Wanderlust Is Us’ project one step further. 

(This is where you tell me I’m crazy to create another blog, especially a travel blog…)
So back to the English summer rain, tell me! What do you wear when the transition from blazing sun to torrential rain is so damn quick and bloomin’ inconvenient? 
Outfit Details
// Midi dress :: Zara //
// Necklace :: c/o Bill Skinner//
// Clogs :: Lotta from Stockholm //
// Satchel :: Cambridge Satchel Company //
// Sunglasses :: Orla Kiely //
Manchester Fashion Blogger

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