Kendal Calling 2016

Kendal Calling 2016 :: #MakeItAYayDay

You know how I pledged to make 2016 a year of action, a year where I’d make some positive changes in my life? Do more, work less, see more, worry less? Well, last weekend, I was able to add a little more action to my 2016 list of adventures when I was invited to Kendal Calling 2016. And, if you want even more action, I’m adding a mini vlog to the end of this post (yes, my first ever!)

Located in Lowther Park, in the heart of the scenic Lake District, Kendal Calling 2016 is a relatively short 70-mile drive north up the M6. John and I are always up for a change of scenery at the weekend (although having never camped together, we made sure to book a B&B for Saturday evening!) Arriving just after midday, we were greeted with a festival awash with colour. 

Invited to Kendal Calling on behalf of the kind folk over at Emmi Caffe Latte who are all about adding a little more yay to your day, we made their yurt our first stop to sample coffee cocktails. As a coffee enthusiast, I found them delicious- especially the YayPout (imagine a juice version of a coffee chocolate orange and you’re halfway there!) Before heading back into the arena, we took advantage of the photobooth to capture our #makeitayayday moment! Then it was time to truly experience Kendal Calling 2016!
In the arena, our festival highlights included:
  • Raised hands, jumping in the air to the rhythm of the infectious ‘Flame’ by Sundara Karma in the Calling Out tent whilst singing, “Hold. My. Flame and set alight.”
  • Noel Gallagher’s disbelief at Yorkshire Day, “You’ve got your own day? Get to f**k.”
  • Justin Hawkins of The Darkness in that spandex suit, “We’re going to do some hits from 2003, because who wants to hear the songs no-one bought?”
  • The Sugarhill Gang, “Apache, jump on it!”
  • Listening to Spring King whilst eating Katsu Curry sitting on the mount outside the Calling Out tent.
  • Discovering we knew more Kelis songs than we ever thought possible. 
  • The taste of a pint of ice cold Strongbow Dark Fruits after the long drive. Ah!
  • Exploring ‘Lost Eden’ a whole woodland area of Kendal Calling I’d never seen before featuring artwork and installations. 
  • The luxury of festival hospitality toilets, no Shewee needed this time!
…and, here’s how Kendal Calling looked on film!

We had a truly wonderful weekend away in the Lake District- I can’t believe it took me three years to return to Kendal Calling! So much so, we’re already planning a return trip to a festival in 2017!
*We were invited to Kendal Calling on behalf of Emmi Caffe Latte, our festival tickets were complimentary*

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