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Festival Wear for the Introvert


Festival Wear for the Introvert

Festival dressing: the mere thought of it brings me out in a cold, cold sweat. Get it right and you’re the belle of the festival arena stomping until the early hours of the morning, get it wrong and you’re doomed to chafing, blistering and sunburn and an early night under the stars. Some of you may be heading to Reading and Leeds Festivals this weekend, so I wonder if you can relate. I’ve attended many festivals and, each time, have faced the same, ‘But, WHAT, what do I wear?’ dilemma. This year, attending Kendal Calling was no different. Discovering comfortable festival wear for the introvert is no easy task!

With only five days to prepare, I went online to find a solution to my dilemma: I envisioned finding a bohemian styled outfit but would negotiate for a Sixties swing dress winged my way. As an introvert, I’m not interested in showing any thigh so when I looked at various festival fashion ranges, the overwhelming suggestion was HOT PANTS! Over the past ten years,  I’ve seen more rump squeezed in and flaunted at festivals than any butcher’s guild could shake a stick at. Trust me, hot pants was not going to cut it.

You know that feeling when you know you have plenty of clothes, but for the life of you, you just can’t fathom a suitable outfit? So you search every online outlet you can think of, until deciding that you’re officially cray cray and there MUST be something you already own just waiting in your wardrobe. So, I tried to think logically. Two days outdoors. Two days where all four seasons could make an appearance, and all I could think of was an outfit Roy Cropper would be proud of: WATERPROOFS and LAYERS.

Now, there mightn’t be anything sexy about waterproof raincoats and wellington boots, but then again,  blistered, sopping wet feet and chafing isn’t attractive either. Let’s face it, we’re in Britain and it’s odds on that it will always rain when you really don’t want it to. So I decided to dress practically in denim, raincoat and wellington boots. (I’m not going to be featured for my festival style anytime soon but for me, comfort was the most important factor.)


Lordy! I’m officially a mature adult because I’ve just admitted that comfort was my priority! Dressing comfortably is surely a measure of reaching adulthood? You saw this Bellfield denim dress featured in February, but it seemed like the perfect solution for summer festival fashion, especially as it matched my floral Cath Kidston wellies so well. Feeling like Bellfield had come to my rescue in my time of need, I started to eye up their Alexandra jacket. Yes, I already have a raincoat, a shorter length bright yellow affair from Seasalt but what if it poured and poured with rain? Already panicked by the increasing costs of petrol, parking, food and accommodation, you should know Bellfield really did come to my rescue and gifted me this gorgeous jacket and the gift of staying dry! You can expect to see this jacket lots in autumn. 

Practicalities scratched off my list, I needed to add a little quirk to my fashion festival so I bought the most ridiculous sunglasses I could find in Primark. Circular, mirrored and adorned with florals, they only cost £1 but I found myself so attached to them I brought them home ready for next summer. Clearly adopting a floral theme, I added my bright Layla Amber accessories and naturally, my floral YMC rucksack. 

Comfortable and true to my own personal style, I’m happy with how this outfit came together. Do you find festival dressing a challenge? What’s your go to outfit?


Outfit Details
// Yarrow dress* :: Bellfield Clothing (now £28) //
// Alexandra jacket :: c/o Bellfied Clothing (similar) //
// Liberty print floral rucksack :: YMC //
// Floral sunglasses :: Primark //
// Necklace & ring :: Layla Amber //
// Wellington Boots :: Cath Kidston //

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