Whether you’re a blushing bride-to-be, or a glamour seeking wedding guest, the recent launch of Joanie’s wedding range is music to any vintage loving girl’s ears. As I was invited to take part in Joanie’s wedding photoshoot to celebrate their new edit, I thought I’d share my behind the scenes diary. 

9am – The day of Joanie’s Wedding Photoshoot (a nice day for a white wedding)

I’m now thirty minutes late, at a standstill, somewhere on the outskirts of Manchester, clutching my steering wheel and willing the cars in front of me to oblige me. It’s cold and I’m starting to become anxious. Looking to my right, I see I’m passing Salford Lads’ Club. The Smith’s ‘Ask’ immediately pops into my head, and loops itself into my subconscious,

“Shyness is nice, and shyness can stop you from doing all the things in life you’d like to.”

I knew featuring in Joanie’s wedding photoshoot would push me out of my comfort zone, (I’ve never been modelesque by any stretch of the imagination) but I also knew I’d be in safe hands with the team at Joanie Clothing. Could I feature in a wedding photoshoot? Turns out the answer was yes. Yes, I could.


I’m striding past Manchester’s Ardwick Green, feeling the chill in the air and trying to calm a kaleidoscope of butterflies as they thrash inside my stomach. The wonderful vintage charm of Tanzaro House greets me, distracts me from my thoughts, until I arrive at the hub of the Joanie Wedding Photoshoot to find the team from The Vintage Beauty Parlour already hard at work.

My fellow blogger models, Sade, Em, Karen and Chyaz, are already chatting away, smiling, at ease. Before there’s time to say hello, Joanie’s Social Media Specialist, Christine, makes me a stonking cup of coffee and shows me around Tanzaro’s ‘oh so Instagram’ whitewashed studio space. I’m instantly drawn to the accessories table. Pride of place are a range of items from the Rock N Roll Bride x Crown and Glory collection. I’m instantly drawn to the sweetheart circle veil, edged in love hearts it’s even more beautiful in real life and up close than Pinterest gives it credit.



Bethany and Aimee, from The Vintage Beauty Parlour, have completed  their vintage looks on Sade, our bride for the day, and Em, fellow bridesmaid. With their hair intentionally in rollers, make up on fleek, it’s time to start the shoot! Mark, from Tanzaro Creative, has been set the task of capturing the ‘getting ready’ stage of a wedding. Sade and Em chatter away, whilst it’s my turn for hair and make up.


My hair is enjoying a 50 Shades moment, being tweaked, teased and pulled into submission,

but I’m wondering if I’ll suit the heavy make up that’s being applied to my face with care. Sure, I wear make up… daily. A dash of concealer, a bit of mascara, blusher, oh and eyeliner if I’m feeling fancy. There’s a lot of make up being placed on my face and no mirrors to see the transformation. When my look is complete, I barely recognise myself.


It’s time to get changed! I’m shown my rail where an array of Joanie dresses are waiting. Ladies in red, Ria, Dita, Audrina and Natalia, are on standby but it’s Uma’s time to shine. Literally. Rose gold and adorned in sequins, I love it. I spy Sade, Em, Chyaz and Karen, a vision in a colour palette of delicate pink, white and gold. The scene is set. We’re each set a task: I’m helping to zip the bride’s dress. Snap, snap, snap, I capture a glimpse of the raw images. They’re striking.



Over lunch, I got a chance to chat with Em, Sade, Chyaz but mainly Karen, from A Vintage Little Lady. Like me, Karen is also petite but unlike me, Karen gets to write about weddings as part of her day job. Dream job or what? Karen had flown over to Manchester from Dublin to take part in Joanie’s wedding photoshoot, now that’s dedication. Over lunch, we relaxed, updated our social media channels and before we knew it, it was time to change again!


My lipstick has been switched to a vibrant red hue, a lip line drawn to emphasis my thin lips. My skin has yet more foundation applied and my eyes are even darker. Yes, this is a night time look. It’s now the turn of Ria, Joanie’s flirty red floral prom dress turned bridesmaid dress. We’re handed gorgeous blooms from Venus Flowers. I mean, just look at Sade’s bridal bouquet. It’s made me look at roses in a different way. JOANIE'S WEDDING PHOTOSHOOT


Just like at a wedding, we’ve all eased into the moment and it’s time for the celebrations. Even our photograph Mark is cracking jokes. I love this photo featuring Joanie’s Audrina lace dress. Whilst it mightn’t be the most flattering shot, it’s captured a moment perfectly. In the afternoon, I was next to Em who, on the two occasions we’ve met, has made me laugh with her wonderful sense of humour and warm personality.


It’s almost time to wrap up the shoot, but not before Dita got her moment too. Of all the dresses, I was convinced that this dress was not going to suit me. I’m 5 foot 2, on a good day, but it turned out to be just right and, who would have guessed, my favourite dress of all! What you can’t see is its huge selling point- the oversized, beautiful bow on the back of the dress. JOANIE'S WEDDING PHOTOSHOOT


And, it’s a wrap! One day, many picture perfect dresses, even more laughs.It’s time to change back into my ordinary, boring clothes and head home.

Thanks to Team Joanie for  taking such good care of me and the opportunity to not only play dress up, but to spend time with wonderful, inspiring women from the blogosphere.

Credits: Photography by Tanzaro Creative | Dresses by Joanie Clothing | Hair and makeup by The Vintage Beauty Parlour | Hair accessories and bridal headwear by Crown and Glory X Rock n Roll Bride | Flowers by Venus Flowers | Wedding cake by Time For Sweetpea

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  • Awww this was really cute!

  • Kezzie

    Awwwww, this is lovely!!! You really do look lovely!!! The hair, makeup and dress do suit you wonderfully!!! So pretty. I’m glad you had this opportunity and enjoyed it! How did it come about? Xx

    • Polkadot Pink

      Thank you Kezzie! I am definitely thankful that the opportunity arose and I pushed out of my comfort zone. I was approached by Joanie and asked if I wanted to take part (of course, I said yes!) It’s a dream brand <3 xx

  • Laura @Me & Mr Jones

    Sounds like such a fun day and the photos are gorgeous!

    • Polkadot Pink

      Thanks Laura, Tanzaro Creative did such a great job to capture the fun and create these shots! Wish we could go back and do it all again! xx

  • The rose gold sequin dress almost makes me regret not having bridesmaids – it’s so gorgeous and you are rocking it!

    • Polkadot Pink

      Thank you Janet! Can I ask why you’re not having bridesmaid? Are you ditching traditions? Or just don’t see it as necessary? xx

      • A bit of both.We sat with a budgeting list from a wedding magazine and talked about what we needed, what we wanted, and what we didn’t want. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of stuff on the list – from cars to bouquets to bridesmaids to favours – got crossed off.

        Paring down to the things we really want instead of what we’re told we ‘should’ have is what’s enabling us to have our wedding – including a family brunch for 35, a 3 course meal for 80, hotel rooms paid for all our overseas guests (I think 18 rooms at last count?) – for just a smidgen over £4000!

  • Maria Fallon

    What an amazing day, you look absolutely beautiful!

    Maria xxx

    • Polkadot Pink

      Thank you Maria, it really was such a fun day! xx

  • Oh gosh, that sparkly dress is AMAZING! Your hair and make up look fab too. It looks like such a fun day!

    • Polkadot Pink

      I’m completely converted to the sparkly dress. It wasn’t something I’d usually pick but I love how the dress has photographed! xx

  • You look absolutely fab in all photos, you should consider becoming a model;) xx

    • Polkadot Pink

      Thank you Laura! It was fun to play dress up 🙂 xx

  • Rosie

    This sounds like my dream day! The rose gold sequin number is my favourite.

  • Those dresses look fab – such a gorgeous brand and fantastic experience! Off to browse the website I go…

    Ruth //

  • Raimy

    Beautiful photos! I love Joanie Clothing, their stuff is amazing! Looks like you had fun too which always helps relax you when you’re out of of your comfort zone!

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