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That Old Chestnut: The Trench Coat

Investment Pieces The Trench Coat

With the changing of the clocks, it seems we’ve pressed fast forward into the peak of the spring season- with little time to prepare sunshine appropriate outfits. Snowdrops are last season’s news and Magnolias are ready to be admired; the latest darling of Instagram. Blessed with an extra hour of daylight, I, for one, am not complaining. For me, spring marks the return of outfits posts, lighter layers and an increased enthusiasm for life.

That Old Chestnut: The Trench Coat

This post is in collaboration with Jack Wills

Although spring may be in bloom, the sunshine can be deceivingly cool so I’ve rarely left home without a light jacket: a classic trench coat has become a trusty ally when defending against the March chill. And, it was thanks to Jack Wills for reminding me of this hardworking wardrobe hero when they recently shared how to style women’s trench coats- a piece which not only offers style tips on how to wear investment pieces the trench coat in particular, but also explains its history and why it has become such a well-loved classic.

Now, regular readers will know that I’m unlikely to ever adopt a rolled jeans and sneakers style aesthetic (as much as I would love to, I find jeans uncomfortable and unflattering) but Breton? That’s a mere step away from nautical, and nautical is a style language I am fluent in. Like all keen linguists, I study the intricacies of its lexicon to learn which elements must be paired and where. So, in true Parisian style, who could omit a generous smearing of red alongside navy? Not me.

Investment Pieces The Trench Coat

Investment Pieces The Trench Coat

Throughout my twenties, I would dabble with the trends that I thought I should be wearing: flared, shapeless jeans, statement belts, denim mini skirts, halter neck tops, you name it! These pieces I returned to, but never felt comfortable wearing. Looking back, I wonder why I persevered for so long! Being in my thirties, I’m comfortable in my skin and know who I am (which is a completely different feeling to that in my twenties) so, I understand my personal style and the core pieces that I return to for longevity. I’m now confident to spend money on investment pieces the trench coat in particular, knowing I’ll wear them until they’re ready to be donated as rags. A trench coat will always be an investment piece to me.

This trench has been with me for almost four years now and unsurprisingly, it’s not the first time I’ve featured it on the blog. Do you remember this post from January 2016? Or this post from October 2013? Yes, this trench coat is still a key piece of mine and didn’t cost a lot, although I’d have happily paid more had I known how long it would last.

Susie of Old Fashioned Susie has a novel way of describing her investment pieces. In this post, she describes them as workers and explains how she wants the majority of her wardrobe to predominantly feature hard-working pieces. Well Susie- this trench coat is a grafter! My coat’s CV demonstrates years of experience and, as you can see from its history, it’s happy to work alongside a variety of statement prints in the workplace. I’ll happily provide a testimony to its good character!


Outfit details

// Trench coat :: Primark // Nautical dress :: Bonsui via eBay // Sunglasses :: Orla Kiely // Black shoes :: Clarks x Orla Kiely // Watch :: Orla Kiely // 


These images were taken in Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter, have you ever visited? It was during Saturday’s journey to the #LivBloggersIgnite event that I happened to stumble upon the quarter and discover the housing that was once built for Liverpool’s elite. I was charmed by its character and knew I’d return to shoot outfit photographs, little did I know it would be in less than 24 hours!

Investment Pieces The Trench CoatInvestment Pieces The Trench Coat

Investment Pieces The Trench Coat

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