Choosing my wedding ring at Mirri Damer, Falmouth


Choosing my wedding ring at Mirri Damer, Falmouth

One of the first decisions made for our wedding was made solely by John when he purchased my engagement ring. It was a decision that could only have been his, as the romantic in me always believed the engagement ring should be the proposer’s choice. In choosing an engagement ring by Mirri Damer, he inadvertently chose the designer of my wedding ring too. 

Ironically traditional to begin with, we’re now starting to break away from tradition when it comes to choosing our wedding bands, but (eventually) I’ve decided to choose the same designer as my engagement ring. Starting my search early, I had casually visited high street jewellers, boutique jewellers and even tried on the wedding rings of my friends – just to discover my preference. No ring ever suited the style of my engagement ring, or felt unique enough for my taste. 

In the midst of this search, my parents offered me my grandmother’s wedding band. Made from Welsh gold, it’s a striking contrast to my white gold engagement ring when placed beside it. In its current form, it’s mismatched in style but perfectly matched in sentiment. After a phone call with Mirri Damer’s studio, I was convinced of a solution and a visit to Mirri Damer, Falmouth, was on the cards.

Stepping into the cocoon of Mirri Damer’s studio shop, on Falmouth’s High Street, we entered to see mid-century furniture juxtaposed with mustard furnishings and flanked with yellow roses: my favourite colour and flowers. We had time to browse the collection before Mirri arrived and introductions were made. 

Mirri, an internationally acclaimed designer and Libertines fan, relocated to Cornwall to start her business in 2005. She now works from her shop, in a studio adorned with Frida Kahlo. After discovering we both share a  love of cinnamon buns and coffee, we sat down to discuss the design of my wedding band. I explained how John had chosen her rosebud design in 2014 and showed Mirri my favourite pieces from her current collection.

We also discussed the heirloom rings that I had brought: my grandmother’s wedding ring and my mum’s engagement ring, from her first marriage to my father, which I inherited on my 21st birthday. Mirri and I discussed how the heirloom rings could be reinvented to make a set of two new wedding bands that would fit perfectly and nestle my engagement ring between them. Calling on John to help me make key decisions, we eventually decided on the two bands for my wedding rings and surprisingly, it was easier than either of us expected. 

I know what you may be thinking, two new wedding bands? Well, I did mention that we’re starting to buck tradition. One wedding band will be timeless, made from heirloom jewellery and able to be worn alone, or with my engagement ring or the final ring. The third ring will be a stylish choice to add extra emphasis to the stack. Each will be able to be worn alone, or together, or in different combinations. 

I’d like to think John and I’s approach is true to our personal style, but incorporates my belief in being sustainable. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience when choosing my wedding rings and I’m so excited to see the end designs!

Choosing_my_wedding_ringChoosing_My_Wedding_RingChoosing_my_wedding_ringMirri Damer FalmouthChoosing_my_wedding_ringChoosing_my_wedding_ring


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