A fashion magpie who loves to unearth playful prints, style heroes and vintage treasures-all without blowing the budget!



Polkadot Pink was born as the result of a bucket list. In my previous life as a full-time teacher, the one thing I really wanted to do was to write creatively but I never had the time! You see, I used to be a writer. I gained a good degree in journalism from a great university, worked in PR and did quite a bit of writing on the side. Whilst I spent my days teaching about the mechanics of writing, I craved time to spill my thoughts onto screen and slowly, but surely, my hobby turned into a passion and a new career! 

Polkadot Pink has always, always featured my love of pretty and quirky clothes, travel adventures and usually comes accompanied by a soundtrack of distorted guitars. I joke that I have the fashion sense of a toddler and that toddler chic is making a comeback. Now that Polkadot Pink is growing up, it’s written with a huge side of thrift. Luckily, I was a lover of thrift before it became a necessity and don’t read cheap in between those lines! Finding great quality for a price that’s great for me is my thing! Writing about it? Well, that’s natural now.