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    February: Afternoons and Coffeespoons

    The constant changes that we subconsciously undertake within ourselves never ceases to amaze me. Unknowingly, we make these small incremental improvements to ourselves each day and what’s even more astounding is that we don’t notice these changes until suddenly, one day, we’ve changed beyond our expectations. I guess it’s a little like spring. The signs of spring are there, if you look – in the snowdrops buried under the snow or those blue clear-skied days, but it’s only once spring has sprung that we’re surprised and suddenly take note of this new revelation.

    In comparison to January, February felt like a battle. A battle against the whirling constant improvement (I have to hope it’s improvement)  but it’s only now it’s March that I feel brighter, stronger and ready to start again. Whilst driving to work last Friday morning, ‘Afternoons and Coffeespoons’ came onto the radio and it was just what I needed- sunshine in a song.  I’m quite enjoying writing a monthly review post but had been pondering what to call it. Alas, the Crash Test Dummies’ song became its new title, because essentially my life is just that – a round up of afternoons, measured out in coffeespoons.

    Despite feeling a little unsettled, there really was a lot to smile about in February. So, without further ado, here’s February in review.

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