Yes. It’s that time of year again …and I don’t mean Christmas. I’m talking about the run up to a brand new year. That magical time when I’m suddenly hit by motivation to get everything back in its place and looking its best. With 2015 lurking just around the corner (seriously, it will be here before we know it), I started to vacuum pack most of my clothes away for the impending winter months and then it struck me like a bolt from the blue. Every single year I package away my so-called summer wardrobe, cast each item out for another year because of the colour/fabric/pattern or simply because I bought it in summer. I absolutely adore Joules, so why not wear these pieces all-year-round and what a waste of money and good clothes! So, I decided…

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”] Life is just too short for vacuum packing. [/pullquote]
This mightn’t look like an outfit made up from summer clothes, but they’re there. See.
Mustard. It’s definitely my favourite colour to wear. So summery, yet so autumnal. This sheer Joules number could certainly be whipped away for another year, but rejigged with some traditional winter fabrics and prints it’s a fitting pal for brogues and grey felt. Not forgetting this beloved YMC Liberty floral backpack. I’ve been dying to share this. I got it on eBay for a total steal. It cost around £20. I know! I intended to take it travelling with me over summer but it just wouldn’t fit in my hand luggage. Since this outfit, I intend to be more creative with my layering. Watch this space!
// Outfit Details //
// Blouse :: c/o Joules //
// Shorts :: French Connection //
// Brogues :: Hudson (old) //
// Duffle Coat :: Joules* (seen in this post) //
// Necklace :: H&M (gift) //
// Backpack :: Liberty for YMC //
It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted on the blog, did you miss me? I must admit, it’s been an unintentional break. Since my birthday, I’ve enjoyed a week in Warsaw (of which I need to tell you all about), family meals out (thirty seems to be a big deal) and of course, I’ve been incredibly busy at work. It’s been good to have a little break, but I’ve not half missed blogging!


Up here int’ north of England, a very British summer has descended. With virtually no warning, this oh so warm arrived and with it a total quandary about what to wear. While it may be warm, it’s cloudy and overcast in Lancashire. I’m not the type of girl to whip out a summer dress, nor shorts, in my home town, choosing to hold out in jeans for as long as possible. Let’s face it, a midi skirt is a compromise. Sometimes though, you have to break out of your comfort zone and try something new. Ladies, I present you with…
Shorts. Yes, shorts. The mortal enemy of pear-shaped girls everywhere, it seems we are calling a truce…for now. You’d be forgiven for thinking, ‘how bloomin’ ridiculous, how can someone find it difficult to wear something as basic as shorts?’, because I’ve often berated myself with that point too, but I do find it tricky. Being petite, with chunky thighs and being ghostly pale too (just lucky, I guess), I’ve always sought to cover that part of my body. That was until I happened to find these amazing shorts from Oasis. Had I been shopping online, these shorts would have never seen my virtual shopping basket. I doubt I’d have given them more than a fleeting glance. Until, desperation convinced me to give them a try as I strolled past them whilst holiday shopping in Oasis.

So, here they are, making me feel comfortable and summery all at the same time. Oasis, I salute you. They are just what I was looking for to accompany this Joules blouse, which has sat in my wardrobe just waiting for its perfect partner. When the good folk over at Joules offered me this pretty floral shirt, one look at that pretty mustard shade mixed with pops of pink convinced me that it was just what my wardrobe was missing. Pretty colours in a sea of monochrome. 
I just wasn’t prepared for that length….it’s so long. Too long to wear untucked. As we know, Joules clothing can be a generous fit and as I straddle a size 10 and 12, I opted for a 10. Aren’t I glad I did! The top is a loose fit and has a bohemian feel to it, perfect for summer days. If you’re not petite, I imagine it to be festival perfect worn loose over a pair of denim hot pants. Unfortunately, I am petite meaning it can be multi-functional as a mini-dress or can only be worn tucked in. It is impractically long. Tucked in it is. That said, despite its flaws, I can’t help but like it and I can definitely see me wearing it again come autumn/winter time. 

Outfit Details 
// Floral blouse :: c/o Joules //
// Chino shorts :: Oasis //
// Rust satchel :: Brit Stitch //
// Leather sandals :: Asos (via Depop) //
// Black Fedora :: Primark //
Now that the sales have hit, I’ve found myself trying to find things that will take me into autumn/winter. Thicker materials, darker colours. I’ve found very little, but I just couldn’t resist this fedora from Primark. At the moment, the clothing in Primark is just not cutting it for me. It either feels too young or the quality is terrible. At £7, this 100% wool fedora feels like a real find and I’m sure I’ll be wearing it lots come autumn.
How do you dress for hot summer days? 
Have you found any bargains in the sales?  


Joules Duffle Coat – Review

Late last Sunday, I decided that it was time to put the books down and take some time out. As a teacher, I recognise the responsibility my job carries and with that, the extra hours it inevitably brings. However the importance of a work-life balance can never be underestimated. After a weekend filled with work, we decided to drive to Blackpool to enjoy the final night of the illuminations. 

Arriving late afternoon, the boy and I headed straight to the seafront to enjoy the final rays of sunlight. Our timing couldn’t have been more perfect. We basked in the beautiful golden haze that only an autumnal sunset can offer before dusk arrived and the illuminations took centre stage. 

If you’ve ever visited Blackpool in November, you’ll know just how quickly the temperature can drop. A fresh sea breeze combined with northern temperatures means it can get pretty chilly out there. It was the perfect place to try out my new Joules coat. 

The kind folk over at Joules let me choose a new winter coat from their range. Immediately, I was drawn to this classic duffle coat. New in, it’s the ideal coat for the winter season. Lightweight yet warm, a description that may sound contradictory but with its wool content and lined sleeves, you can see why. With a detachable hood, I like that I can change the look of the coat should I fancy a change.
As soon as the coat arrived, carefully wrapped in its pretty floral packaging, I knew I’d fall in love with it. It’s such a classic style. Whether I’m wearing a dress, jeans or a skirt, I know this will become my go to item for winter. 
// Coat : c/o Joules :: Floral dress : Primark // Satchel : Cambridge Satchel Company // Vintage riding boots : thrifted // 

For our trip to Blackpool, I chose to team my coat with florals and my new Cambridge mini satchel. Right now, there’s so much blogger love for this Primark floral dress and I can see why. At £8, it’s a steal. Yet another go to item for the winter season. 
No trip to the seaside would be complete without a compulsory listen to Led Zeppelin. Recently, I’ve been dipping back into my collection, especially Physical Graffiti. It was inevitable that they’d feature in this post somehow. There’s a familiar comfort to be taken from music that’s been with you through thick and thin.