New Music I Love :: Playlist 3.0 JUNE

June has been such a lovely month for new music, hasn’t it? With the festival season almost upon us, my Spotify playlist is bursting at the seams… and pleasingly so. 
No doubt you’ve heard of London Grammar? In just a week, I’ve caught of a glimpse of them on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch playlist and also had the pleasure of catching them on the radio. Driving past country fields with a gorgeous sunset in the rear window, this was my soundtrack. I’m absolutely addicted to this song. It’s hypnotic and haunting! Although, I can’t help but compare them to Canada’s Austra, just me?
Moving on! Jagwar Ma! I’m rather sad  embarrassed to say, I missed their gig at the Deaf Institute in Manchester last week! (Shame on me) They seem to be on everyone’s radar at the moment, with due cause. 
Ah Tame Impala! I love their hedonistic, 70s vibe. Their latest offering does not disappoint. Not as iconic as ‘Elephant’, however just as catchy. 
Camera Obscura are back! Hurrah! No longer will I wait for the adverts on Come Dine With Me just to hear a snippet of their silky tones (and continue to annoy everyone in the room with my awful singing.) Look up ‘French Navy’ if this confuses you. ‘Do It Again’ does not disappoint, it’s simply lovely. Good moods all around. 
I had absolutely no choice about adding ‘Love Sick’ by Peace. I apologise now. Even though they are appalling live, this song is ridiculously catchy and twee. A definite festival song. I challenge you not to get it stuck in your head!
Now, Temples. A band that have been on the tip of any music lover’s tongue for the past few months. These were recommended to me way back in March, however I’m not one for following hyped bands, *cough* Palma Violets anyone? I may have missed a trick here though. 
On a completely different vibe, I’m going to leave you with Drenge. If you’re looking to relieve a little pent up rage, try these. I caught this on the radio, late one angst filled night. If you like Queens of the Stone Age, I’m guessing you’ll like Drenge. Huge giddy bumps that they will be playing Kendal Calling! Before you click! Turn it up…loud!
Want more? The latest offerings from Phoenix, The XX, Vampire Weekend and Local Natives don’t fail to please. 
What are you listening to this month?
Much love,
Donna x
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 Saturday was my Christmas.
Sounds strange, I know. By that I mean, the day had arrived when I could finally cash in my Christmas present from my good friend, Katie. 2 tickets to see the London indie scamps, Veronica Falls at Manchester’s Deaf Institute. As luck would have it, in March, some of my teacher friends also booked to go and a group night out was born.



Deaf Institute on Manchester’s Grosvenor Street
In the days leading up to the gig, we ummed and ahhed about what to wear. What do you wear for a gig followed by dancing on  a Saturday, in a student area?  Naturally, Facebook messages were sent, discussions over coffee (and marshmallow Twizzles) had occurred and options were discussed. Luckily, divine intervention in the form of Susanne struck gold when she blogged about this amazing pinafore dress and so, this is what I wore…

 1. Sailor Blouse :: Forever 21 2. Pinafore Dress :: River Island
3. Heart Tights :: Forever 21 4. Boots :: H&M
5. Earrings :: Dorothy Perkins
 The Deaf Institute is my favourite music venue. By a mile. Upstairs hides a quaint music hall, complete with theatre seats. To describe it as a hall is rather deceiving. The hall comprises of a small area of standing room and tiered seating. The stage size is akin to a primary school stage, the kitsch look is complete with bird print wall paper and a camera unfriendly red light glow.
Enduring the support band, Brown Brogues, we inched closer and closer to the stage, you know the awkward foot shuffle? When you don’t want to appear too keen, but you have your eye on an awesome spec? Yeah, that. Two Corona’s later, enter Veronica Falls.
 Not wasting any time, they launched into the ethereal, floating melody of ‘Tell Me’, the opening track of their second album, ‘Waiting for Something to Happen’. Clearly not suffering from nerves nor jitters, lead singers, Roxanne Clifford (see above) and James Hoare, launched into their setlist with the upbeat melody of ‘Bury Me Alive’, macabre lyrics but jingly jangly indie. A perfect combination.