The life of a busy, busy bee

They say life is what happens when you’re busy making plans. When in reality, life is what happens when you’re too busy to make plans. The previous two weeks have been no exception. Work has been incredibly hectic, but thankfully, so has my social life. Here’s a snippet of what my camera spied on our adventures.

1. The Singing Ringing Tree, Burnley.
Blowing a gale and lashing with rain, Burnley’s panopticon was certainly singing. Bowing to the wind’s tune, the metal pipes created an eerie, discordant melody of sorts. Rumour has it, the tree rarely sings. Lucky me. Needless to say, the weather ensured that we didn’t stay long, just enough time to capture a quick photo whilst we had it to ourselves. 

2. Towneley Hall, Burnley.
The Tudor jewel in Burnley’s crown, Towneley Hall was hosting an flower festival on the day we visited, however the gardens were open and a fresh, Sunday morning walk ensued. As a lover of Tudor history, it’s definitely a place to be revisited to see inside. 

3. The Palace Hotel, Manchester.
Steeped in history and dripping in grandeur, a one night stay in a suite was just what the doctor ordered. Read all about my amazing stay here.

4. The Dream, St Helens.
Built in 2009, The Dream is the work of Spanish sculptor, Jaume Plensa. Built on the embers of St Helens’ coal mining history, the 20 metre head is coated in sparkling white dolomite, as a contrast to coat. It depicts a young woman meditating. Heading up at tea time, on an overcast Saturday, we were lucky to experience the dream by ourselves. You may have spotted this if you drive on the M62. 

5. Cold War Kids and 6. Milo Greene
Definitely a band to love for their recordings, Cold War Kids were pitch perfect but just didn’t do it for me on the night.  Milo Greene, however, were completely different. Soothing, ethereal melodies. Winner. 

7. 8. Hebden Bridge
Bank Holiday Monday and the sun was shining. As UK residents will know, this rarely happens. I’d say it was on par with a blue moon! So, a visit to Yorkshire town, Hebden Bridge, with friends, was perfection. Basking in the sun, we  watched the world go by as a man explained that every thing in nature had a balancing point. Tediously and carefully, he placed jagged rocks on one another until they balanced beyond belief. Vintage shops, thrifting in charity shops, Yorkshire Dales ice cream and Vegan lunch = perfect day.  

What have you been up to of late? 


On Tuesday, the lovely Becky of Becky Bedbug blogged about her 25 diaries in this post: ‘My Diaries 1998-2003’.  Reading the snippets had me in stitches, I related to so much of what she said.

So, climbing up to the top of the wardrobe (on a rickety chair), I found the familiar polka dot box…covered in dust and hiding these four diaries. I always loved to write, and from the age of 13- 19 I used to write daily. Yes, daily and in copious, mind-numbingly boring detail. If you ever wanted to know what I had for tea on the 6th November 1998, it’s there.

In this post, I will share with you some snippets taken from the first diary I ever had, the hedgehog diary. It was a birthday present given to me at my 13th birthday party.

(Just as Becky did, I will  attempt to keep spelling, grammar and punctuation in tact, even though it will kill me to do so.)

My first entry…
Sunday 26.10.97 October

I woke up at 9.55am (well the clocks went back so 8.55am) after going to bed at 3.30am. Opened all my B-day cards then went down to breakfast, all I eaten was an egg ‘n’ sausage. I’m love sick so it stops me eatin.

[My friend] asked [boy] out 4 me. He said yes and we danced three times! Twice funky and the last time was to ‘Candle in the Wind’ (We wuz so close he had his arms around me)
Sunday 7.11.97 November
It’s over between [boy] & me and I’m seeing [another boy]. Phwoar! We went out on Friday night and we linked at first then held hands. We arranged to go to town and we did we waited 4 a bus 4 an hour. We walked around and we had our arms around each other.

Saturday 28.03.98 March
On Saturday is was [friend]’s party. I wuz really looking forward to it I spent hours gettin ready I looked really nice. [Boy] got there and didn’t even say hello to me. [Girl] came running over to me and said ‘do I mind if [another girl] dances with [boyfriend]?’ I said it’s a free county hoping [boy] would say no. Anyway a slowy came on and I went to take [boy]’s hand and he took [other girl’s hand]. [Friend] said boy was now seeing [girl] and that he went round to her house 4 times the other day.
Yep, my first heartbreak.
Tuesday 14.04.98 April
[Friend] came bowling with us the other day whilst [family] went to the Spice girls concert. When they came back from the concert they said that they pulled up behind a green jag and Posh and Beckham wuz in it! I wuz sick as a dog about it.
Thursday 4.06.98 June
Hi, I thought I wouldn’t be bothered writeing and I can’t. Bye bye.



Hi! I’m Rhiannon and I blog over at The Sparkly Panda. This is the first guest post I’ve ever done and I was over the moon to have been asked to take part. I’ve had so much fun putting together a collage of clothes, shoes and accessories for spring, now fingers crossed we get the weather for it!
I love spring, it always reminds me of pastel colours, floral patterns and ice creams. What I wouldn’t do for a chocolate chip ice cream about now. Yum! It also means it’s not long until BBQ and beer garden weather! Anyways… with the terrible weather and the never ending winter we seem to be having, it was starting to feel like it would never end but there was a little hope this past week. I managed to leave the house without my 15 layers of winter knits on! Is this a sign of some good things to come?
While putting together this collage, I picked some of the things that I would love to go around wearing when the weather finally gets nicer. They all just say spring to me, they also have a comfort factor which I find quite important being a mum as I tend to pick clothes that say, “Yes, I can run after a 20 month old in this” so sometimes it can be hard  to look nice while running around after children or them getting chocolate ice cream down a pretty white dress. No more this year! They are both older so I can finally get my nice wardrobe of clothes back instead of having such a mumsy one.
I want to thank Donna for letting me take part in this and invading her space on the internet and I’d love to see you soon over at The Sparkly Panda.
Rhiannon x
Thanks Rhiannon, it’s been an absolute pleasure having you here! Another amazing selection of spring picks, that Boohoo dress is gorgeous! Fingers crossed for spring time weather! Donna x 


Planning a Baby Shower

I’m so fortunate to be gifted the task of organising a baby shower for my good friend, Jenna. You will have met Jenna in previous posts: The Weekend Edition & My Best Friend is Expecting. They say, the mother of the expectant mum nor the sister should be given the task of arranging a shower, this is traditionally seen as soliciting gifts. So, as all good friends should, I was pleased to offer my services. I’ve attended some fantastic baby showers and I can’t wait to get started on Jenna’s.

As I write this, I’m in the very early stages of planning…I mean incredibly early. We’re talking scouring Pinterest. Okay, being honest… we’re talking becoming addicted to Pinterest. I’m writing this in the hope that some of you may be able to impart some nuggets of wisdom, or ideas along the way. Here’s my journey so far…
Setting the date 
This may seem like an obvious task, but setting the date  is the first place I started at. When you consider the busy schedule of mum to be (MTB), multiply it by your schedule, then add into the equation the plans of the prospective guests… you’re close to realising how hard it can be to make sure everyone can make it. Aim to set a date six weeks in advance, and within two months of MTB’s due date. Be wary about setting the date within two weeks of baby’s due date, unless you invite the midwife.

Setting the venue
Before you contact prospective guests, you will need to decide on a venue. Consider where MTB’s friends and family live and plan accordingly. Jenna lives in the neighbouring town of Wigan, holding the shower at my house in St Helens would mean quite a trek for guests. Luckily, Jenna is happy for the party to be held at her house. However, if that’s not an option for you, think about local pubs or parish halls. Remember, no matter where you hold the shower, allow at least 2-3  hours before the start time to prepare the room, food and any last minute details. I’m aiming Jenna’s shower to start at a sociable 1pm, maybe 2pm if the Sunday date is popular.

Setting the theme
As Jenna and her partner have chosen not to find out if they’re having a girl or boy, the traditional candy pink and baby blue is out. I’ve seen tons of blue and pink themes, unsurprisingly they’re the most common. For me, the most striking are the themes jam packed with colour. Think vibrant colours… green, yellow, pink, blue, red and orange!
 So,  with so much inspiration out there…it’s now time to start sourcing, making and planning! I shall keep you posted!
Any wise words of wisdom?


Hello there! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Erica and I blog over at Being Erica. I was so honoured when Donna asked if I’d like to write a little something for her ‘Step into Spring’ feature, because I love her and have been reading her blog for months now, so how could I say no!
For me when I think about ‘spring’, I think of my birthday.  That’s because I’m from the other side of the world. I’m a September baby, and my birthday is almost always trans-season. It’s usually just turning from winter to summer (the only two seasons in Australia), and there’s a hint of floral and – not surprisingly, less rain about the place. It’s about the time the first barbeque of the season is held, and suspiciously coincides with both the end of the AFL season and also the Spring Racing Carnival. Lucky for me, that means a long weekend, great deals on alcohol, and lots of floral frocks about the shops; these, as well as flowers and pastel colours in general, are a few of my fav-our-ite things.
In old Blighty though, spring takes on a whole different feel. This year ‘spring’ has meant icy rain, wind that will chill you to the bone, and if you’re really lucky, then a blanket of snow too. The floral frocks are still about the shops, but sadly we’re unable to wear them – unless we’re a) extremely warm bodied, or b) stupid to the core.
And barbeques? You’ve got to be kidding me. Our local pub still has the beer garden shut and the wood burner on. That’s the spring we’re talking this year. So, as I am in mourning for the spring days of old, and to celebrate my half year birthday, please allow me to share with you my ‘Erica’s Birthday Barbeque//Spring Racing Festival//Grand Final//It’s Too Cold But I’m Still Allowed to Lust’ outfit.
Thank you again to Donna for letting me take over her blog for the day, and I hope to see some of you over at Being Erica soon – where I promise I hardly ever moan about the weather.*
Erica X
Thanks Erica, those spring picks are to die for…I’m already reaching for the credit card!
Go say hello to Erica at

Playlist 2.0 :: March Earworms

Yes, yes, it’s April and I still haven’t kept you in the loop with my March earworms! Tsk tsk!
So, today’s playlist is inspired by *drum roll please* …motivation! At times, I’ve lacked motivation and on  rare wondrous moments, I’ve been oozing with it. On each of these occassions, there’s been a playlist to suit.
Lacking motivation // These tunes will get you moving…

1. Laura Mvula :: Green Garden 2. Cold War Kids :: Miracle Mile 3. Phoenix :: Entertainment 4. Suede :: It Starts and Ends With You
Oozing motivation // These tunes will help you wind down…
1. Beth Orton:: Dawn Chorus 2. Ethan Johns :: Hello Sunshine 3. Elephant :: Skyscraper 4. John Martyn :: May You Never
If you’re not a lover of YouTube clips, you can find me and the full playlist on Spotify.
User ID: 1119774369
What have been your March earworms? Any gigs lined up for April?
As always, much love,