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    What I Wore :: Deers, Bows and Christmas in the Air

    There comes a time when a dress is just too perfect to put back on the rail. Too you to say no to and why would you want to do that? Enter Topshop’s deer print pinafore, the perfect me dress. Found on the sale rack for £15, it was meant to be but it’s so bloomin’ hard to find things to match. Would you believe it’s been sat in my wardrobe for over a year? Last time I wore it? Christmas Day 2012, with a red, vintage polka dot blouse. Very Yuletide.
    This year, I wanted to wear it a little more so when we visited The Christmas Fair at Ripley Castle it seemed the perfect, festive dress to wear. However, the weather had other thoughts. We took so so many outfit shots, so so many of them ended up as comedy outtakes. Unfortunately, Ripley is situated high above sea level, high winds combined with a biting cold made for shots like these:
    Brrrr! Freezing and blustery, hello hair destined for hats! 
    Some of my favourite looks of the moment feature layered blouses, preferably monochrome, with a twist. Add a bow and I’m smitten. Whilst I’m on the topic of cuteness, at the fair I picked up some amazing ribbon shoe laces to thread through my brogues. A snip at £2.50 a pair, I can’t wait to thread them to add some quirkiness to my brogues. 
    // Dress :: Topshop // Cardigan :: H&M // Blouse :: H&M // Coat :: Primark // Bow :: Primark //  Scarf :: Oasis // Brogues :: Faith // Bag :: Thrifted // 
    If you’re familiar with my blog, it won’t have escaped your notice that I’m a lover of quirky dresses. Recently, I picked up that collared tartan dress. Every blogger’s favourite, I’m so glad that I finally made it mine. Whilst it may replace this deer dress on Christmas Day, I can’t wait to wear it in different ways over the festive season. (Yes, that’s now outfit number 2 I’ve planned just for Christmas Day, did you see my first?)
    So, I want to know, what are you wearing this festive season? 
    Post a comment or link me up! I’d love to see.
    As always, much love,
    Donna x 
    Lena B, Actually
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    Christmas Day Wishlist :: Please, Please, Please

    //  1. Equestrian Clearance Boots // 2. Cooperative Chiffon Bow Blouse // 3. ModCloth Pencil Skirt // 4. Cooperative Geo Skirt // 5. Asos Petite Blouse // 6. Cooperative Square Neck Dress // 7. The Cambridge Satchel Company Shoulder Bag //

    Each and every year, I spend hours searching for the perfect Christmas Day outfit. It’s a tradition of mine, yet I can’t remember when it started. Although I need no excuse to dress up, I like to look my best on Christmas Day. This year is certainly no exception. 
    I have fallen head over heels for this green Cooperative square neck dress. At the moment, I am crazy about sleeveless shift dresses layered with quirky collared blouses. Throw in a bow and I’m positively head over heels. Reduced to £30, this dress seems like a bargain and won’t be sat in my basket for long. Whilst I’m there, I’ll take any of those monochrome blouses. My wardrobe is bursting with shirts and blouses, however they’re either patterned or brightly coloured.  Not great for layering. 
    Can we talk about those boots? Leather and under £20. In my opinion, ballet pumps and brogues can make an outfit appear sweet. I like to add a sixties feel to most looks, so these Chelsea boots are just perfect. Size 5, please.
    As the festive season approaches, it’s always worth remembering that clothing is for life, not just for Christmas.  I jest, but I do like to remix clothing in as many ways as possible. The purchase of an a-line skirt will enable me to wear the boots and either of the blouses again to create a different look. 
    What’s on your Christmas clothing wishlist?
    Do you buy a special outfit for Christmas Day too?
    As always, much love,
    Donna x 
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    *Post produced in collaboration with brand. All Christmas lustings are my own… unfortunately for my bank account.*
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    The Christmas Fair at Ripley Castle :: Family Time

    My family and I have been trying to spend more time together. Now that my brother and I have both flown the nest, my mum has been finding fun ways for us to spend quality time with each other. We all lead such busy lives that it can be so easy for us to become absorbed in our daily tasks, I know that I am certainly guilty of that. Between each of our work schedules, it was difficult to find a day when we were all free. Luckily, today was the day that we all found time to visit The Christmas Fair at Ripley Castle.
    Situated 3 miles from Harrogate, Ripley Castle is located on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. Over two hours in the car led us through the scenic counties of Lancashire and Yorkshire to our final destination, the Ripley Castle Estate. Sandstone cottages with antique doors and a quaint church set the scene. We couldn’t wait to enter through the gated courtyard to see what was in store.

    Full of ‘oh so pretty’ Christmas stalls and gourmet food, it was the perfect place to spend an Advent Sunday. Despite the fair being incredibly busy, I managed to find a few quirky decorations to take home. My first purchases were a carved, wooden tree and a star adorned tea light holder. Very rustic. Within minutes, I’d spied these beautiful ribbon shoes laces. As I couldn’t decide whether to customize my brogues with pink or red ribbons, the store holder kindly offered me a deal I couldn’t refuse. Two pairs for £5.  

    We managed to spend a couple of hours browsing the 140 stalls, sampling food offered as we passed. Unfortunately, the fair became too busy to move around comfortably and we decided to call it a day. As soon as I stepped through the door, I cleared my mantle and put out my wares…including my ribbon shoelaces. I can’t wait to thread them into my brogues, look out for them in an outfit post soon!

    How’s your Sunday been? 
    Have you been to a Christmas Fair this year?
    As always, much love,
    Donna x
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    Something Old, Something New :: Hello December!

    Can you believe it’s December? I want to say no, not yet! Give me another week! But a secret part of me just cannot wait until I am sipping a festive tipple and spending quality time with family and friends. I do love the first week of December though. For me, it’s a time to make plans and start looking forward to Christmas!

    Plans that won’t come cheap, but will be so much fun. Because of an exciting couple of weeks on the horizon, I’m saving as many pennies as possible. Maybe you’re like me, to save money I’ve stopped buying key pieces and buying accessories to style new outfits from clothes I already have. Delving deeper and deeper into the wardrobe has its perks, I’ve discovered forgotten gems and salvaged clothes I may have otherwise thrown away. Like this sailor-nap blouse.

    Say, what? Yes, I just can’t bear to part with this blouse despite a big, black ink stamp stain right in the middle  of it following a Widowspeak gig. This Henry Holland jumper is perfect to hide its guilty secret. Even though it’s about two seasons old, I simply love it. I’m a sucker for a jumper with an animal on, especially a zebra. 

    This week, my hat finally arrived. I blogged about this hat, deliberated over whether it would fit me and then finally bit the bullet and bought it. I love it, as you’ve probably spied on Instagram. It’s the best £3.74 I’ve ever spent (this month, that is). Did I mention? New shoes!

    When ShoeZone asked me to select a pair of shoes to try out, I jumped at the chance. I was in desperate need of a pair of flat boots and a pair for free seemed too good to be true. Sometimes, you just want to give an outfit a little extra edge and for me, I always seek out flat boots. These suede effect Chelsea Boots have satisfied my longing, I love the studded detail on the heel.

    // Shoes :: c/o ShoeZone // Skirt :: New Look // Jumper :: Henry Holland at Debenhams // Blouse :: Forever 21 // Hat :: EBay // 

    As I’m still not well (still! Sniff, sniff), I haven’t ventured far from home. Saturday was a blur of coughing and napping after sleepless nights spent coughing. Urgh! But today, cabin fever forced me out of the door and into town for a few treats to fill the children’s advent calendar with tomorrow. Bless. 

    How has your weekend been? 
    What have you been up to? 
    Have you been making plans for Christmas?

    As always, much love,
    Donna x
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    Life Lately :: Cooking Up a Storm with Ozeri

    They say, ‘You’ll miss it when it’s gone,’ but it’s only when it’s gone that you start to rethink your ways. In this case, I’m talking about being healthy.  For the past week, I’ve been struck with a dreadful bug. I guess it was only a matter of time before it caught up with me. Kleenex, Halls Soothers, Strepsils and Ibuprofen have all been my best friends. I’m not better yet, but hopefully I’m over the worse with the help of this…
    What’s the old adage? Feed a cold, starve a fever? Or is it the other way round? I don’t know, but if I’m ever in doubt… I’ll eat, and it’s fair to say, I’ve definitely been feeding this bug! 

    Last week, I returned home from work to find a large parcel had been delivered. I always get giddy about post, especially parcels, because there’s always an element of surprise. It helps that I’m slightly forgetful. Inside the packaging was a brand new, bright green Ozeri frying pan. 

    At the time, sore throat and lethargy had set in. I’d put it down to a very busy week at work and the stress of upcoming deadlines. However, come Saturday morning, the boy and I decided to treat ourselves to a lazy lie in and a fry up! Mmm, just what the doctor would have ordered…maybe with less fat, just maybe. 

    Perfect timing for the Ozeri Green Earth Frying Pan to come into my lifeMade in Germany (aren’t all the best things?), it boasts a non-stick base which is ideal for a cook like me. Cook? Who am I kidding? No one. I’m not a great cook, I struggle with the basics. It’s hard to get excited about pans, but with this one, I did. Why? Because I cooked fried eggs! Real, edible eggs! In no time! Which didn’t stick to the pan! 

    On a slightly girlier note, I was taken with the design of this pan. It’s uber stylish, wouldn’t you agree? I am a magpie for bright colours and this pan fits into my kitchen design seamlessly. Did I mention, I can now cook eggs?

    In other news this week, when I’ve not been eating, I’ve been curling up in bed with a good book. You may have seen me tweet about my new-found enjoyment of children’s books. It started with The Silver Sword and has now progressed to Goodnight Mister Tom. These were set school texts that I read when I was in year 6. I’d forgotten how good it was to curl up in bed with a good book and a brew. Simply bliss

    What have you been up to this week?
    Do you get excited by new pans?
    As always, much love,
    Donna x
    *Ozeri Frying Pan kindly sent to me free of charge for review. All views and opinions are my own.* 
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    Where I Blog From :: Bedroom Tour

    Where do you blog from? When Rachel asked this question of her readers, it got me thinking about my ideal blogging space. Whilst I wish my answer could be, ‘I blog from my office. It’s quirky with a picture wall of my favourite quotes, pastel bunting and shelves oozing with kitsch finds,’ the truth is, I blog from my bed. My office is yet another room awaiting a make over (and a tidy!)
    For me, my bedroom is the most homely room in my house. When work is finished for the day, I will gravitate to my bed, curl up and blog. It’s far from perfect and can only be described as a work in progress.  I have a bedside table which is almost as old as me and a rickety wardrobe bursting at the seams from years of abuse. My walls are painted duck egg blue, a boyish colour which  just makes me feel cold despite the temperature. 
    Recently, the team at Argos got in touch and asked if I’d like to review a bed frame from their range. I jumped at the chance! At the time, I had a hand-me-down chunky bed base which seemed to take up the entire room. After quite some time browsing Argos’ selection, I decided to choose a new bed frame. Retailing at £74.99, it’s such a bargain. Its angular lines make it modern and stylish, yet practical. My room feels spacious once again. 

    It looks as though it was made to match my new Orla Kiely bedding. The bedding was a birthday gift, which I’ve been saving until my bed frame arrived.  Now, because this bed frame was such a bargain, this left me with some money to spend. I chose to put it towards…a brand new TV. Seriously.

    I’ve wanted a television in my bedroom for some time, however there’s a long, long list of home things that I need. In comparison, I wouldn’t allow myself to splurge. Thanks to Argos, I was able to afford a 32″ Bush smart TV. Thanks to Argos, I’m now absolutely hooked on Orange is the New Black. Have you seen it? 

    It’s so difficult to choose modern furniture when you have vintage furniture. I’m not talking about my wardrobe, nor my bedside table, I’m talking about my dressing table. I bought this dressing table from the British Heart Foundation furniture shop. It was a steal at £45. Everybody that’s seen it in my family, hates it. Nonetheless, I adore it. I love its gold handles, it’s numerous drawers and its huge mirror. Its angular curves and legs make it a perfect match for the Art Deco theme which runs through my house. 

    In the near future, the chimney breast will be painted mustard and the remaining walls will be painted a neutral colour. Above the dressing table will hang an array of black photo frames containing black and white prints from the my travels with the boy. 

    Whilst my office may be full of clutter, I like to try and keep my bedroom as clutter free as possible. However, I always like having my notebooks and books I’m reading at the moment close by. From time to time, if it’s not too late, I’ll curl up with a novel and switch off from the day. Bliss!

    So, there you have it. A sneak peak at my blogging spot. It may not be perfect, but for me, it’s getting there. A huge thanks to Argos for helping me on my way. 

    Where do you blog from?
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    Polkadot Pink is One!

    A year ago today, I took the plunge and delved into the unknown world of blogging. Tentatively clicking publish, my first post, a thrifty one called ‘Make Do and Trend‘, went live. And voila, just like that, Polkadot Pink was born. 
    Born from a bucket list, my blog became my escapism. What from? A dull, selfish ex-boyfriend, increased workload and the feeling that there just had to be more to life. Within months of Polkadot Pink’s conception, my life began again. I began to live life in colour. It sounds so cliché, but it’s true. I ditched the ex-boyfriend of six years and began trying to achieve a sensible work-life balance. 


    In early 2013, I met the boy, John …again. Say, what? John and I had met at university way back in 2006 but it was never destined to be (or so I thought). He wanted to travel (and did so) whilst I pursued my dream and became a primary teacher. Seven years later, we reconnected over claret, latte and a love of photography. The rest, as they say, is history. 
    So, one year on, the blog has transformed before my eyes. What started as a blog about lifestyle and thrift has transformed into a personal style/lifestyle blog with a sprinkling of thrift. Looking back through a year’s worth of posts, there are some that make me cringe. I’m leaving them there for nostalgic value. However, there are some I really enjoyed writing so I thought it’d be fun to share some of my favourite posts. 


    1. The £8 Wonder Dress

    2. Apple, Peach, Plum Pie


    1. Stories from Another City, Pictoplasma

    2. A Weekend Away, Sheffield

    3. The Abandoned Power Station


    One year on, Polkadot Pink now has over 150 followers. To each and every one, I am eternally grateful. I still can’t believe that people read my ramblings, but hey! Here’s to another year!

    As always, much love,
    Donna x